Friday, July 27, 2012

A Money Pit? A Fun Note!

By the time Hank and I got in the car to come home from getting Lorelai settled in "the house" we'd been to Walmart three times and Lowes six times. We spent about $700 (counting the tow truck) on day one and about $1200 on days two and three combined.

We put blinds or curtains over ten windows. I put steel wool and duct tape over the holes in her closet floor...seriously, you could see the dirt under the house. We had to clean all of those windows before we could put anything over them. I don't mean just a spritz of Windex...razor blades and scrubby pads with soap and water BEFORE we could get to the windex stage.

I called and talked with the Sheriff's department about the safety of the area. They actually made us feel a little bit better, thank goodness.

We left a list which included: motion sensor lights to be put up outside (there was one little tiny light by the front door...that's yard lights AT all), replace side glass door with a solid door (yep, the deadbolt on that glass door was not one of your brightest ideas my dear former occupant), secure the entry to the crawl space (a bear could crawl through that opening), take the dishes OUT of the nasty kitchen cabinet and clean them (better yet...clean them and put cleaning supplies or something in there...find another place for the dishes).  There's more but it's only 9:00 a.m. and I don't want to put myself in a grumpy mood.

Lor's friend's dad and a carpenter spent some time there yesterday ticking off some of the list.

I continue to be baffled as to how Lorelai's boyfriend visited a good two weeks before us and thought that this place was OK for his girlfriend (OUR DAUGHTER!!!) move into. Also, how Lorelai thought we would think it was OK in the awful state it was in. Yes, I want her to live in a nice place but this was more about safety than style. She's got to live there not me. But I have to be able to SLEEP at night. BAFFLED, I say.

Maybe we need to put in a security system.

On a FUN note...Hank and I are getting ready for a Rowdy Girls weekend with Louis/Sue and Will/Meg.

Mojito I come!


  1. Anytime your home repair list includes steel wool and duct tape to fix the holes in the floor you know this is just the beginning. Makes me wonder how many other holes are there and need steel wool and duct tape just to keep the critters outside. OH...I'm not helping am I? Been there, done that, had to burn the t-shirt.

  2. Hey There...I feel your pain. I also have a spirited daughter and have held my breath on a couple of occasions when I have seen her new living quarters. As a matter of fact, I am traveling to Raleigh tomorrow to see if I may be of any assistance as we prepare to go on a house hunt together. I just hope we are still speaking to each other at the end of the day.

  3. Reading a bit and trying to catch up with you! Sounds like you have been busy. I will start back on August 20 with my new group in tow - Am working part-time at J. Crew and I love it. I have actually loved the "learning curve" of doing something new. Must be the teacher in me ;-). I'll be checking in on you! Have a great year! XOXO {Preppy 101}


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