Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hank's 30th....

No...not Hank's 30th birthday.  His 30th COLLEGE REUNION!!!  Glory Be!

We spent time on Saturday with old friends and had a marvelous time. The day began with lunch at Husk, our new go to place. We count the A clan among our oldest and dearest friends.  Dr. A was a math professor at College of Charleston for many moons and his oldest son P was a college friend of Hank's and ultimately a wonderful friend of mine. You may remember that we traveled to see P a couple of years ago to celebrate his and Hank's 50th birthdays. BB (before blogging) we loaded up our kids and spent two weeks in Europe while P was living there. He was a very patient and gracious host and we love him and his family quite a lot. Our merry band was rounded out with Philip's sweet mother, brother, sister-in-law, and their kids. I hated that Legare and Lorelai couldn't be there. We had a grand old time.

Words cannot express the deliciousness (!!!) of the oyster appetizer that P and I shared...I ain't EVEN joking...Holy COW!

After lunch P, his niece, nephew, and I waited on the jogglin' board.  It is new and needs to be broken in so that it joggles right.  We did what we could...

After lunch, we strolled around for a bit looking in an art gallery or two (or eight...) then we all headed home to shower and change for the Alumni event back at the college in the evening.  Unfortunately, it was disappointing. They oversold the event (apparently) and there were so many people that a body could hardly move around. It was poorly organized, but I won't waste your time whining about it. 

Spending time with friends we don't see often enough made the day just perfect as far as we were concerned!


  1. It looks like a good time was had by all!


  2. Must add Husk to my Charleston dining list!

    Sounds like CofC needed a good planner!:)

  3. Love that handbag! Where did you get it?

  4. So glad you had time with your faves even if the banquet was a mess. Obviously a teacher wasn't planning it. You look darlin' in the pic! XOXO

  5. Sorry that the event was a dud. We went a few years ago and that was the same problem. I thought they had it fixed!
    I love Husk!

  6. I just celebrated my 20th Converse reunion... Complete with a Darius Rucker concert. Can't eve OECD I am getting up there.

    So glad you all had so much fun!


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