Sunday, March 27, 2011

Thinking Back to the Good Old Days- Spring Break

Spring Break was over a whole week ago. Hank just left for a visit at Green Grove and I'm waiting on Lorelai to get back on the road to Clemson before I start working on a paper for one of my grad classes. 

Would you BELIEVE that I have been called to US District Court jury duty the day that I'm supposed to make my final presentation for one of the classes?  I pulled out every possible idea from my bag of tricks to get excused but they denied my request. Don't know how I'd feel about having hostile ME on the jury if I was counsel on either side. Not that I am opposed to serving on a jury...I think I'd make an excellent juror.  The timing is just bad...very very bad.

Hank and I really enjoyed our five days away for Spring Break and loved having a couple of days with Louis and Sue.  We took our new boat into Beaufort on Saturday for a walk around and lunch.  The water was smooth as glass...ON THE WAY IN!.  We got caught in the incoming tide with that crazy super moon on our way back home and got soaked to the skin. When I stood up for a moment to try to figure out a way to save my camera from the incoming water, I got knocked flat on my you know what.  There wasn't a dry thread on any of the four of us and I'll tell you...the being knocked around aside, getting soaked to the skin in my clothes always freaks me out just a little bit...even in the rain.  Wonder why?  A friend of mine who was in Vietnam has issues when he gets caught out in a rainstorm but I surely do not have that excuse.  I'm baffled.

Though you might enjoy a few photos...Have a happy week!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Break- Day 2.5

Day.5- Trying not to cry tears of sheer unadulterated JOY at having a few days away from work.
Day 1.5- Getting things arranged for house/dog sitter and moving to the summer house. A little shopping a little eating...a little boat riding.  JOY JOY JOY  Beautiful weather...
Day 2.5- More boat riding, a bit of cooking, waiting on Sue and Louis to arrive.

Would love to show you some photos but to say that the house is low tech is quite an understatement. My mobile broadband isn't even cooperating well.

The is quiet and peaceful.  I've got a stack of unread magazines and catalogs a foot high, not to mention a needlepoint project I've done about one square inch on in 6 weeks. Hank is on the dock reading. We're being quiet...and calm...and moving at a very slow pace.  It's nice. It's better than nice.  Except for the no-see-ums. Nasty little creatures. Hank just walked in and remarked, "those critters have teeth!"

Wishing you a happy weekend less the no-see-ums.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Joy in My Heart....High Cotton Ties Giveaway

Well, my friends, as of yesterday at 1 PM, I am officially on Spring Break!!

Look for the headline
 "Middle Age Woman Gone Wild!"

More on that later...

The wonderfully preppy folks over at High Cotton Ties (GO HEELS!!!!) are having a marvelous giveaway with a value of $250.  No question that this southern belle with her love of the Tigers and the Tar Heels would have NO difficulty whatsoever making quick business if she won. PICK MEMEMEMEMEME!  Jump on over and look at the gorgeous pictures of their photo shoot in the BEST city in the world...CHARLESTON...and buy youself something nice even if you don't win the giveaway.  I know I certainly am...

You know, Lorelai would be a great model for them, wouldn't she?  I think they need to go over to Clemson and do a photo shoot!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

When I am always a winner...

It's halftime at the Clemson vs UNC game.  No matter who prevails, I'm a WINNER.  Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.  HA!

Though you'd enjoy this photograph.  Lorelai's buddy is on the basketball team and getting some pretty decent play time in today's game. You'll notice that in the photo, BoBo, as he is affectionately known, is on his knees, while Lorelai is standing straight and tall at her full height of 5'1".  His nickname for her is "Little One".

How CUTE is that??

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekend Update

I know, you're getting tired of reading "crazy week."  Let me assure you that I'm weary of writing it.  There WERE a few highlights that you might enjoy.

First...GO HEELS!  Watching UNC wipe up the court with Duke last night for the ACC regular season championship was a beautiful thing to behold.  Legare was THERE!  Is it a bad to be jealous of one's child? I watched every minute on TV while Hank snoozed in his chair. I am nothing short of astounded by the athleticism of all of the young men who played.

This morning, I drove to Green Grove to pick up my mother, Hank's mother and Ned to bring them to our house for lunch. It was pleasant enough, except that mother was an absolute chatterbox. She can wear a body out. She did surprise the heck out of us by sitting down at the piano, opening a hymnbook and playing several songs...not perfectly but not bad either. She can't remember the pieces she used to be able to play from memory but apparently the ability to read music has not left her. Hank took them back while I wrote a paper for one of my grad classes. He says she talked ALL the way back.

Ned is still not budging on the issue of getting a job so I decided to push him on the subject of helping with chores at the group home. The ladies there spoil the guys rotten. The jeans he had on today had a crease that was so sharp you'd cut your hand. When I told him he should tell them he wants to help with the laundry, he said, "Well, they said we could if we wanted to, but there ARE rules and regulations."

Yep, I want to live in a world where there are rules and regulations against doing laundry.  How about you?