Sunday, August 21, 2011

And so it begins...

I suppose you can see that school has started since it's been two weeks since a blog post. I'm happy to report that open houses, orientations, and the first four days of the school year went smoothly.  Only 176 students days left until summer vacation 2012.  Oh, who am I kidding...I missed those little darlins' over the summer.

Legare is all moved into his new condo in Charlotte.  Hank and I headed up there last weekend to do what we could to help. There was a little shopping and as always, a lot of eating. We need to find more healthy way to celebrate.  While awaiting the bar results, he'll begin this week doing pro bono work for his firm until he is sworn in as a member of the NC Bar in late Sepember or early October. 

Lorelai, who paid her dear sweet loving and generous parents VERY little attention over the summer unless we were facilitating her Grand Tour or throwing her 21st birthday jubilee, is back in Clemson and posting remarks on her FB page like, "home home home...I'm so happy to be home" and "I love this place with all my heart".  She means CLEMSON...not her lowcountry home.  She's about to hurt our feelings. I'm just sayin'...She'd better do less playing and more organizing to take the GRE so she can get into grad school next year. Our family rule...when you're no longer a student, the gravy train ENDS

Legare rolled home for the weekend to do some clothes shopping.  In our family, lowcountry men do a lot of shopping at M. Dumas and Sons. Once you get accustomed to the quality clothing they carry and their incredible service, you don't want to shop anywhere else.  His luck was "on" and he found three handsome suits which were on sale to boot.  Here is a recap of our day.

Taco Boy...Dumas...Grady Erwin...Bob The Help...Whole Foods...Food Truck Rodeo.  (Again with the food theme...we can't help it...).  We actually happened upon the food truck event by accident.  I stood in line for a solid HOUR for Diggity Donuts (they have a FB page if you're interested). As strange as it sounds, the strawberry and heirloom tomato donut was beyond delicious. 



  1. Ahh, Taco Boy! We made a stop in Charleston on our way home from Litchfield Beach just to experience it!

    So excited for Clemson football, too! Extremely thankful the first game is at 3:30!!

  2. Sure hope we're invited back to Clemson this year. It rained on us last year so I'm hoping for a good game to watch.


  3. Yes, we're back at it, aren't we? I'm having a little trouble getting back in the groove - Go Vols on Sept. 3!! We both cheer on our Orange ;-). XOXO


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