Sunday, September 11, 2011

Shopping with Mother and Ned

Ned was a great shopper yesterday.  We got pajamas, socks, jeans, shirts...couldn't find any shoes he liked but he's OK for now.

Mother...a great shopper?  NOT so much.

She didn't like anything....and she's going to be going barefoot soon if she doesn't get some everyday shoes. When a person will only wear ONE pair of shoes except on Sundays, the shoes wear out fast.

I get so tickled sometime. She always talks about how much she loves her sister's clothes. I pulled a lovely blouse off of a rack and told her she should try it on.  "That's ugly," she said.  Gotta love Ned, who spoke up saying, "Aunt Elizabeth wears one like that."  Consequently, I couldn't resist adding, "Mother...he says that 'Lisabeth has a blouse like this.  Are you implying that she wears ugly clothes?"

Mother didn't respond to my remark but came back with, "My ear hurts.  Remember last time my ear hurt I fell into a wall."

We went back to Green Grove.


  1. I have a friend who responds to any comment she doesn't like similarly to your mother. Have a good week! XOXO

  2. Oh my heck.
    How exasperating, and funny.
    Get her some Merrills or Clarks. They will last forever.
    At least Ned will be stylin'

  3. Oh, I couldn't help but chuckle.....bless you!!


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