Thursday, March 15, 2012

Listen Up Girls!!

I've told you before that I do NOT like going to the dentist.  The saving grace is that I actually do like the two people who are our dentists quite a lot...have known them for years.  Because they know ME, we coexist peacefully when I visit the office thanks to the blessings of nitrous oxide.

What, you may wonder, does any of that have to do with the cute as a button image above.  Timothy, talented number two child (but number one son) of said dental professionals created it for his blog. (Timothy...I need to know where this blog is!!!!!)  Truer words were never spoken. Hank has been known to sport a bow tie and Legare's tie rack is full.

In the Land of Belle, bow ties ROCK!  Thanks for sharing Timothy!

For a blast from the past involving Timothy, click HERE.


  1. I love a man in a bow tie!! Cute image!

  2. I LOVE bow ties.....and I am definitely not part of that 27%......

  3. lol....bow ties....well, they're okay. But for this girl who grew up in a baptist preacher's home who only wore neck ties, well, you can see why I'm more partial to the neck ties.

  4. I love bow ties! I am definitely not part of that 27%--there's nothing I love more than a man in a bow tie!

  5. I love bow ties!

    Hope that school is going well for you. Now that spring is here, we're in the home stretch for summer!

    Happy Easter!



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