Monday, September 3, 2012

My Annual Presidential Election Year Post

I'm not fond of labels and certainly not fond of propaganda. I'm reasonably smart and not crazy (and to paraphrase Dr. Sheldon Cooper...I know I am/am not because my mother had me tested) and I read a lot. I am also reasonably intuative. I do NOT assume that everybody I know agrees with me from a political standpoint, nor that they are any less smart or intuitive than I just because their politics differ from mine.

And that's OK. People who know me well know that I'm the kind of gal who stands by her convictions.  And while I have strong opinions and would love nothing more for everybody in the world to agree with me (because I'm so smart and not one bit crazy, don't you know...), never ever will everybody in the world have a desire to live in the sunshine of my opinions in the Land of Belle.

I consider myself an independent but have probably voted more often for candidates on the Democratic ticket. I have never ever just hit the straight ticket button.

Having said thus, and agreeing that folks surely are entitled to put what they desire on their blogs or Facebook pages, my bottom line is this:

I don't have time or energy for all sorts of negative dithering about between now and Election Day. I've got football games to attend...tailgate parties to organize...and work. That high school isn't going to run itself.

Certainly, I'm always up for good discussion and a respectful exchange of ideas. Not so much the name calling and vitriol.

You vote your conscience and I'll vote mine.


  1. My thoughts, exactly, except you said it better!!

  2. Exactly! I've had to block posts from some of my FB "friends" because of all the political stuff they post. And they are of the frame of mind that if you are not of their political party you are going to hell! ;)
    Have a great Labor Day!

    1. I KNOW! Same thing here. Hank and I are both about to give up on FB.

  3. THANK YOU. Really. Thank you.

  4. I LOVE this! I have lived in Columbia SC for the past 16 years. My 3 sisters live in MA.! To say we have difference's of opinions??? Lord almighty! And you are right! More important things going on! Like my son currently in Afganistan. My daughter and grandson moving home when her husband deploys. But it is all good! Go PATS! and GAMECOCKS!

  5. Amen! From the land of LeighAnn

  6. Amen and Amen again from North Carolina!

  7. Hallelujah & Amen. (Actually, this merits at least a double "Amen".) Very well said Miss Belle, if only others could see it this way. :)

    Sending you an autumn smile,

  8. I just stumbled across your blog, and so glad this was one of the first posts I saw! I've actually unfriended and unfollowed a few people already, which makes me sad. I'm okay with friendly debate, but name calling from either side is unacceptable in my opinion! Glad I'm not the only one ;)


  9. You are wise beyond your years my dear. I couldn't agree more.


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