Saturday, June 7, 2008

Cruising Home...Hillary's Speech...Off to Vegas

Well, there's nothing quite like visiting the Walmart here in our little town to jerk you right back into reality after a week of cruising through the Caribbean. Although, Legare says that he doesn't think our Walmart is's some kind of warped parallel existance (or the seventh circle of hell)...I won't get started! (but you really should read the book "Nickled and Dimed"'ll never want to shop in Walmart again unless you have no other choice, which we don't here in "the corner" unless we drive 20 miles or so to a Target. Walmart treats their employees HORRIBLY which is part of the reason that many of the employees have a bad attitude and the service is often so poor.)

The cruise was nice and our little band of four girls and six parents got along marvelously, as far as I know. We all settled into our own little daily routines of sleeping, eating, sunning (not me!), reading, touring, taking excursions, and drinking frothy frosty drinks with umbrellas and then meeting for dinner each night for more eating and drinking of frothy frosty drinks. I surprised everybody by taking the stage as the first Karaoke singer one evening wowing the crowd with my rendition of "Suds in the Bucket"...The last night I danced around our area of the dining room with the waiter after Lorelai was paraded around by another waiter waving her beauty queen wave. As I am the official picture taker, there are no pictures of me....just anecdotal data!

We were happy to get home to sleep in our own beds...(check my updated list of "things that never disappoint.")

Hank, Legare and I just watched Senator Clinton's concession and endorsement of Barak Obama. It may very well have been the most brilliant political speech ever given. If you missed it, log on to MSNBC. Truly truly amazing.

Time to repack the suitcase for my four days in Las Vegas with work. I've never been and am looking forward to 5:00 each afternoon when the conference is over and the fun begins.

Lor and friends preparing to encounter Dolphins

Sleepy Lor...staying out until 4AM is tiring!!

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