Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Clemson...and the Unity Church of Practical Christianity

We just returned from Lorelai's orientation and are now official Tiger Fans. All except Legare...not that he particularly cares for the mighty chickens from rival school USC. As far as he is concerned football holds little charm...UNC basketball is the be all and end all. Hank and I will switch between seasons and become obnoxious Tar Heels as soon as football season is over. Anybody who knows us is going to think that this is BIGTIME funny...neither Hank, Legare nor I are known for exhibiting unbridled enthusiasm for sports. Things change, my friends, things change!

The orientation was very well organized. Lor got her schedule all worked out and found a roommate to boot. The most stressful part of the whole thing was her driving us back and forth. I had a minor meltdown on the way home when her cellphone beeped to indicate a text message and she picked it up to READ the darn thing. I launched into a BIG mama rage and lecture about the dangers/risks and how monumentally DUMB it is to text while driving. (She grabbed and looked all too quickly, indicating that she had much practice.) It is a long drive from here to Clemson and a scary one for parents whose kids are larking out on their own. Prayer...Everybody, please....we need much much prayer!!

Hank and I are pooped and I think I'm going to think about calling it a night. I just have to mention a little church we drove by right outside of Clemson. I wish I'd had my camera at the ready....The sign proclaimed this house of worship to be The Unity Church of Practical Christianity. (As opposed to impractical Christianity????) How does one define "practical?" Is it up to each person or does the "church" provide specific guidelines? I'm baffled!!

I surely do wish SOMEBODY out there would comment...any thoughts on The Unity Church of Practical Christianity?


  1. Your daughter will LOVE Clemson! Thanks for visiting my blog

  2. That church name it too funny. I'd be curious to know their guidelines though- more people might attend church if they could pick and chose from the biblical salad bar. :)


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