Sunday, November 6, 2011

Regarding Ned

Hank wanted to do a little hunting Satuday morning so we headed over to the farm on Friday night, picking up some Duke's BBQ and Ned along the way.  Ned loves going to the farm. 

Ned also likes to talk to himself...sort of.  He's done this since we were children. He doesn't talk too loud but when he thinks nobodyis listening, he sure enough talks to somebody.  Sometimes it appears to be our daddy, who passed away in 1981.  Other times, he seems to converse with our granddaddy, who died in 1967 and Ned wasn't born until 1968.  In any event, he has a big ol' time and chuckles from time to time. Ned has a special way of seeing the world so shoot, who am I to judge who may or my not be there even if I can't see them. (We don't think he does this too much at Green Grove, but boy howdy does he get going when he's over at the farm or here with us.)

He can also get going when somebody makes him mad...usually that would be yours truly. We got up on Saturday morning and had a pancake breakfast (made on my new Cuisinart griddle/sandwich grill...I ADORE this new toy of mine).  When I informed Ned that he was going to dry the dishes, he got disgruntled in a hurry...

Ned: Belle!!!!! I'm not drying dishes. Don't you know the rules???  At Green Grove, the STAFF washes the dishes.

Me: This is not Green Grove and I am not your staff.  I cooked and I'm washing dishes. You're more than capable of drying dishes. Get busy!

Whew...he got a frown on his face like you wouldn't believe, but started drying nonetheless. He took his time and when I finished washing and started making beds, I could hear him talking...and answering back.

Ned: She's always telling me what to do...she can't tell me what to do.  Just dry the dishes you can do it. She's not the boss of me. I'm not supposed to dry dishes, my job is to sweep the porch not dry the dishes. Nooooo, be nice now and dry the dishes. I wish she'd go home and leave me and Hank here at our farm. This place is not for girls. Be nice now, be nice.

I was saved from any further insult when Hank walked in and told Ned they'd go for a ride to check out the fields when he finished his chore. Hank is most definitely Ned's favorite.

Maybe I should move to Green Grove...I'd sure love to have "a staff!"  How about you?


  1. Um yeah, for sure.
    My handicapped brother does the exact same thing although his is more like constantly mumbling under his breath. After a while I say "John!! say it out loud or shut it up!!" which usually makes him make that face and mumble more.
    I think I would like a sandwich grill from Santa...

  2. Lord have mercy. This is one of those times that you just have to sit there are listen. Sounds like he gets it all figured out in the end anyway.
    Tell Green Grove to get my room ready too.

  3. I most definitely would love to have "staff" too. I have to admit I grumble to myself sometimes too. LOL

    Hang in there sweet friend.


  4. Yes, Green Grove would be heaven. However, I'll have to say I have been known to talk to myself, also. Usually not in the company of witnesses though. haha. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving! XOXO


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