Saturday, January 7, 2012

Lorelai Update and Other Stuff

THANK YOU...a million times THANK YOU for your kind words, prayers, and offers of assistance for our little Lorelai.  At her appointment this week, the doctor told her that she should wait until after student teaching and graduation for the surgery on her foot.  Student teaching in kindergarten, combined with the three flights of stairs to her apartment provided too may opportunities for her to injure herself worse during recovery. She is being fitted for a special insert for her right shoe which will give her extra support and she shouldn't have to endure any more discomfort than a couple of ibuprofen can handle. In the meantime, our prayers are that between now and mid-May, the problem may resolve itself.  Wouldn't that be AWESOME?

I don't generally make new year's resolutions but I am setting out to try and improve upon a couple of points in my life.

#1- I consider myself to be a kind person...not that I don't employ tough love...that is a job requirement for a high school principal. BUT...tough love does not have to be mean-spirited, although from time to time I find myself making biting remarks that are unnecessary. In other  mouth gets ahead of my brain. I want to do better. When I'm nice and thoughtful, things just go better. When I'm not...karma likes to nip at my heels.  For instance...for a first week back to school after winter break, this was a pretty good one.  I kept calm and took one issue at a time...until Friday...when I got a little aggravated with somebody (outside my work) who was not cooperating with my time line and I kind of (sort of) implied (maybe...OK, I did) that I might possibly consider placing a call (OK..I name dropped and I HATE it when people do that) to somebody (with a lot of clout) who would solve my problem once and for all. My problem did get solved, but my day went downhill from there. I was mean and impatient and karma GOT ME for it.  Lesson's to doing better this week.

#2- I'm on a two week gluten-free challenge. Turning 50 has made me acknowledge a number of things that I won't detail for you, but a fuzzy brain is a big one.  I've always blamed sugar; however, it was suggested to me that I might want to consider gluten as the culprit (along with a good many extra pounds!)...not celiac or anything like that, just a sensitivity to gluten. I am at day 5 and maybe it is all in my mind, but I think I feel better...fuzzy head-wise. For sure, I haven't had to pop a Pepsid or Tums since Tuesday afternoon. We'll see.

#3- The Happiness Project
I'm reading the book and we'll see how it goes.

What has happened in the first week of YOUR new year???


  1. Interesting that you mention Pepcid and Tums. Our son discovered, at almost 40, that his almost constant indigestion could be totally avoided by not eating gluten. He never had the more common, uh...digestive, symptoms and tried a gluten-free diet at the suggestion of his allergist. Unlike someone with true celiac disease, he can cheat it a little, especially early in the day or when eating lots of other things, but as a rule he's happiest going gluten-free.

  2. I do hope Lorelai's inserts give her relief and everything goes smoothly until it can be resolved. Happy New Year and good luck with your resolutions!

  3. Good news indeed about Lorelai's foot. It would be lovely not to need the surgery at all, but waiting until after student teaching, definitely the best option and whether she realizes it or not, I bet she'll be happy she waited.
    Great goals for this year. I set a few myself (not resolutions), but goals. I think the entire world could easily use the first one.
    Best Wishes


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