Sunday, January 22, 2012

Whatcha doing?

Not doing much here but always busy!

1.  After three long years, we have finally sold Mother's house back in Hometown. What a tremendous relief it is since we were just about to have to do some maintenance work.  I'd much rather that the new owners do their own thing.  It's hard to manage something like that from two hours away. It's a sweet house full of lovely memories, but Hometown is far from a booming center of commerce.  Not a lot of new folks moving in.  I understand that the buyers are retiring to the community.

2.  We spent last weekend at the summerhouse, joined by Will and Meg. We were so sad that Louis and Sue couldn't join us. On Saturday, we ventured into Beaufort and ate lunch at our favorite place..Wren, before returning back to paradise where Hank built a fire out by the water.  We sat laughing and talking until way after dark.  Will and Meg's son is getting married in May so we talked about rehearsal party themes and will all be together again for a party out at Folly Beach on March 10.

3.  Lorelai started her student teaching last week. I had to smile every afternoon when she called to tell me how TIRED she was.  Yes indeed...five year olds can give a gal a run for her money, although one little boy did draw a picture of Miss Southern, the princess.  She's happy that at least one of the children recognized her true inner princess.

4.  We found out last week that Mother has diabetes.  It isn't horrible and will be handled with "a pill" each day.  Bless her, she does love sweets and we've noticed as the dementia worsens that she pushes regular food around on her plate, taking a bite here and a bite there.  But sweets??!!!??  She loves them.

5.  Now I have possible genetic predispositions to dementia AND diabetes to look forward to. 

6.  I told you I'm reading the Happiness Project...haven't read a chapter in three weeks.  Maybe this afternoon since it's rainy and chilly.  Where is Hank???  I need him to make a fire in the den.  Let me go find him...

Hope everything is going well for you and yours.


  1. Nice to hear from you. I hope your wonderful sense of humor entertains you as much as it does me!:)

  2. Good to catch up with you! I haven't read much lately - I guess this happens when you quit blogging, so today I stopped following more blogs :-). Hopefully now I can keep up! Hope your year is going well. XOXO

  3. I don't know what I would do if I found out I was diabetic. Probably say my good byes and go out eating a couple of dozen Krispy Kremes.
    I have to just smile at my children when they babysit and tell me how tired they are or how ragged the kids ran them. Just keep my mouth shut and smile.

  4. Belle, I loved the Happiness Project. I hope you do too. It's funny what I remember a year later about that book - just recently I was thinking about her white t-shirts. You'll have to do a post about what you thought of it. Have you read Nightwoods by Charles Frazier? I think it's one you might like.

  5. Wren is one of my favorite places to eat too! Annie, the owner was my first boss at her previous place Sea Island Wine & Gourmet for 3 years, she's amazing!

  6. I know it was a blessing to sell your Mom's house. A little bittersweet, too.
    Mama passed away with dementia and my hubby has diabetes, diagnosed within the last two years. Both are terrible.


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