Saturday, April 14, 2012

Springtime in the Lowcountry AND a "Tell us about it..."

We didn't have much of a winter down here, but for the first time that I can remember in recent years, we are having a "real" spring.  Usually we jump feet first from "BRRRRRRRRRRRR I've got the shivers" weather to "Oh my good golly, I am going to MELT in the heat and humidity" weather.

Last month, our next door neighbor launched that first of (hopefully) many to come 2nd Friday porch parties in our little village. We weren't able to go because Louis and Sue were arriving for the weekend; however, the second 2nd Friday porch party was last night just down the road and we had a great time. It's a simple person provides the "porch" (i.e. porch, kitchen, dining room, patio, deck, poolside, outdoor living room) and guests brings an appetizer to share and their own beverages. Everybody shares the joy and fun, while shouldering a small part of the responsibility. I was able to get home from work, prepare my hot artichoke dip and prop my feet up for a little bit before leaving.  It was lovely...the foot propping and the party...the dip wasn't bad either.

Even though our little community is very small, there are folks I go for AGES without ever seeing. Hank runs into people a lot at the post office but still, it's easy to lose track of  what neighbors are up to as well as what is happening with their grown up children, many of whom I taught when they were back in middle school.  I look forward to the 2nd Friday of March.

Do you have any sort of routine social event in your life?  Tell us about it...


  1. My hubby and I have date night every Saturday. Sometimes other couples join us and sometimes not but there is always a gin or vodks tonic in the mix!

  2. Two of my friends who are garden designers have a semi annual plant sale...the spring version was on Thursday and we were all saying they should have it once a month because running into friends and chatting was so much fun. Not sure they'll take us up on that, though.

  3. The weather down in Beaufort has been lovely, we've even spent the past few weekends in the boat & on the sandbar.


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