Saturday, May 24, 2014

And Two Weeks Later...

And two weeks later, we've accomplished a lot in preparing for the wedding. The church is booked...our beautiful sanctuary at Second Presbyterian Church...for June 13, 2015.  We have engaged a wedding planner...Ellen Cohn-Robinson of WED (Wedding.Event.Design). And, after much research, we have settled on the location for the wedding reception...the Colonial Room at the Francis Marion Hotel.

The church was a no brainer. We are SO blessed to be members of Second Church. In the words of our pastor from the church website...

Second Presbyterian Church is #1 on the List of Historical Churches in Charleston.
For over two hundred years the light from the steeple of The Second Presbyterian Church of Charleston and Its Suburbs, as it was named in 1809, has been a beacon providing direction for sojourners on the sea and the sea of life. As we move into our third century, we are committed to serving our still-creating God in ways that are yet to be imagined!

The decision to work with a wedding planner was also an easy one to make. Let me tell you...the fact that we were able to get WED to take us on a mere 13 months before a wedding during the month of June--the busiest wedding month in Charleston---is nothing short of a miracle. As important as it is to us that our only daughter's wedding be exactly what she wants it to be (within reason) it is also important that we have every opportunity to enjoy it without feeling overwhelmed. WED is a gift that Hank and I are giving ourselves!!

The reception. The Francis Marion Hotel.  The Colonial Ballroom in the 90 year old hotel, was completely refurbished in 2012 and is lovely...but...there are many lovely venues in Charleston. At the end of the day, it's all about parking, parking and parking. Our guests will be able to walk across Marion Square from the church to the reception. It is also all about air conditioning!! There are a number of gorgeous historical home venues; however, they require that dancing be outside as amplified music is strictly prohibited inside these homes. gnats. My nerves would not be able to withstand worrying about the heat, humidity and sand gnats.

So...the next steps...firming up details on the photographer, the guest list, the music and schedule appointments for wedding dress shopping.  More soon...


  1. I can highly recommend Emilia Jane for classic weddings:). People are still commenting on our photos!

  2. Excellent choices! And a wedding planner is a must! I know it's going to be beautiful!

  3. Hey!! I'm trying to resume reading a few blogs - not blogging, but want to reconnect with some of my favorites! We should also be FB friends! Congrats on the engagement! Miss you and happy to be back reading!! XOXO (Preppy 101)

  4. I'm blogging again and so are you! Yea us!
    And you have exciting news! Congrats! Lots to do so I hope you'll share all the planning with us.



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