Monday, May 12, 2014


You didn't think I'd completely given up the ghost on blogging, did you?  I mean, really, it's only been almost six months since I posted.  Give a girl some encouragement with a few comments pretty please. But now...NOW, I have BIG BIG NEWS!

Lorelai is ENGAGED!!!!  Here's the story...last weekend, she graduated from Clemson (again) with her Masters and Education Specialist Degrees (two degrees...TWO!) in Counselor Education.  By the way...she's looking for a job so if you are a school administrator in South Carolina be a pal and give her a job.

Hank and I took Lorelai, her then boyfriend now fiance' Butler, and Legare out to dinner at Rick Erwin's West End Grille on Thursday night.  After the ceremony on Friday afternoon, Legare headed back to Raleigh (oh yes...other news...he's moved from Charlotte to a new job in Raleigh) and Hank and I grabbed a quick supper at Davani's, then went back to the hotel to collapse.

Hank's cell phone died so he plugged it in and promptly fell hard and fast asleep by about 8:30. I watched Netflix for a bit and was out shortly thereafter. He woke up about 1:30 a.m. and when he checked the time on his phone, saw that he had a text from Butler requesting a private conversation for Saturday morning. Confident that he knew what the conversation would be about and to his credit, he suffered in silence for the rest of the night and did not wake me.

After Saturday morning brunch with Lorelai's fellow graduates, Hank and Butler found a quiet place to chat. Long story short, Hank gave our blessing and we started back toward the Lowcountry. With the help of good friends Candice and Jesse, Butler hatched a plan to be executed that evening in the Botanical Garden at Clemson. Candice called Lorelai and requested that she and Butler come to the garden to take pictures of she and Jesse in all of their finery before the Inaugural Ball for the new president of the university. Unbeknownst to Lorelai, Candice and Jesse were hiding in the shrubbery at the appointed location ready to take photos of the big moment. And here it is...

And one with Candice just after...

And finally....the ring!

Lots to do...lots to do.  And I am going to blog about all of it.


  1. Congratulations of all of your family. This will be such an exciting time for all of you. (my daughter just married at the end of March) I was most pleased to open your blog tonight, as I have done every night for many months, to read an update!!! Welcome back! I look forward to reading all about the wedding planning.

  2. Best wishes, congratulations, hurray and all that! Now let the planning commence!

  3. How exciting! Can't wait to hear all about the details!
    It's funny, I think I first started reading your blog when she was just getting ready to start Clemson and now here she is graduated with multiple degrees and planning a wedding!

  4. How exciting!! So happy for all of you! (And I too just started back blogging!!)

  5. Congratulations! I am not blogging, but still reading. Such a great post to see : )

  6. Congratulations and Welcome Back!!!!! Don't leave us for so long again, I was really getting worried!

  7. I'm so happy for your daughter and can't wait to see what y'all plan for her big day!

  8. congratulations!!!!! Funny, I almost deleted the bookmark for your blog! So glad I didn't. Have fun with the wedding planning.


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