Saturday, May 31, 2008

One Down, One To Go

Lorelai is now a bonafide high school graduate. The ceremony was sweet and filled with special moments, especially as opposed to Legare's high school graduation four years ago where we had to deal with the hot sun, air horns and loud rude people who thought they were at some kind of sporting event rather than a graduation ceremony. Lor's was held in a local church sanctuary, and while the multi-pierced guy sitting right in front of me was sporting a lovely Coors t-shirt and a woman three rows in front of us looked curiously like Baby Jane (I'm not kidding...the hair was a shade or two darker but the make-up was spot on!), those minor details can be put aside because everything was just so well-organized...and I didn't cry a single tear. Hank's aunts brought his mother, and our good best oldest pal Scott arrived from out-of-town to share our joy. Our friend Ann played the piano and her better half Tom rounded out the crowd sitting on our designated pew....and let me say, WE all looked MARVELOUS!

The after party was wonderful. Lor's table, the one that we got to decorate...each one of the families hosting the party decorated a table for their graduate...was cute as could be and there was dancing and food and we rolled in our backdoor about half past midnight. Nothing would do but for Lor to open all of the graduation gifts she received at the party and in her words, it was "better than Christmas" and monogram heaven to boot. The girl gets it honest from me....we LOVE anything with our monogram on it and our friends did not disappoint.
Lorelai was belle of the ball last night. I couldn't help but take notice of the grand time that all of the teenagers had dancing and singing and talking. And they did it without a drop of alcohol, or drugs... not a single word of profanity...everybody was appropriately dressed (i.e. nobody was half naked). I only saw one couple dance inappropriately for a very brief moment and they were not "our kids." A couple of photographs of Lor and Hank having fun dancing our state dance, the shag, to one of our favorite tunes, Carolina Girls, Best in the World! The other is of Lor on her tippy toes dancing with her friend J.R., the gentleman from prom number one.
Off now to Legare's big day, after which we'll be heading out on Lor's senior cruise for a few days.
Look for a big update in about a week.

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