Thursday, May 29, 2008

Things We Want Our Children to Know

It's graduation eve for Lorelai and, well, I guess graduation eve EVE for Legare. It's kind of funny....Hank and I have discussed this on numerous occasions and always come to the same conclusion. It doesn't matter what we've accomplished in our lives...there isn't a single thing that either of us can think of that we've ever done that makes us feel as proud as our children make us feel.

Dear Legare and Lorelai...

Your graduations are momentous occasions and you cannot imagine how much daddy and I love you or how proud we are of the young man and young woman that you've become. You are going to accomplish great things in this world. Never, under any circumstances compromise your character or integrity. Be generous and honorable...always have a church home...exhibit kindness and humility but never ever sell yourself short. Always remember that someone is watching and modeling themselves after your example. Listen more than you talk (other people are smart too!). Pray everyday and always give more than you receive. You are a treasures and God certainly did bless our lives when He gave us our precious Legare and Lorelai.

Love, Mama

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