Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sometimes a Steel Magnolia Just Has to Have Moment

This is a big week at our house. As you know, both of our children graduate this week. Lorelai from high school and Legare from college. Hank and I are so proud and I've been giving him a hard time about not shedding any tears, especially at Lorelai's ceremony. (To state that our little girl has her daddy wrapped around her little finger is a gross understatement.) I keep saying to the other mothers...."Oh...we've been through this before. It's no big deal. Tears? No tears siree. We're READY for the empty nest. The kids are ready to move to the next leg of their life journeys. Aren't we proud as punch at the confident young adults that they've become? TEARS??? NO TEARS HERE...NOOOOOOO SIREEEEEEEEE. We're READY for the empty nest....." and on and on I go as I start talking faster and faster and the pitch of my voice gets higher and higher. Truth be told, it's probably a right pitiful site to witness. I might fool acquaintances, but I suspect that I'm not fooling Hank AT ALL, nor our closer friends along with some of the people I work with day in and day out. They humor me along, giving each other a wink and a nod, I'm sure, as they walk away. Only really good friends and people who love you will allow you to live in denial without giving you grief about it.

We attended Lor's Baccalaureate ceremony this afternoon and I blinked away tears as she and her friends marched into the sanctuary. I blinked away tears as she led the congregation in the Call to Worship. I blinked away tears and sang "He Leadeth Me" much too loudly. (actually, the loud singing was more of a "belle" was like the people had NEVER heard the song before, for pete's sake!!! It was pitiful!!) The preacher said all of the right things..."be people of faith, get enough sleep, and know that we are all proud of you and your accomplishments." Hank and I didn't look at each other as we watched Lorelai walk back down the aisle into the afternoon sunshine. I smiled...I imagine that Hank smiled. Lor was definitely smiling since being the center of attention is a character trait of a "petite belle." Everything is going to be just fine. We've done this before. We're ready for the empty nest. (I'm not going to make any promises about the tears...)

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