Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July...John Adams...Great Blogs...Army Wives

Happy Independence Day...I woke up this morning with John Adams on my mind. Strange, isn't it?? Actually, it was the HBO mini-series that was on my mind. If you missed it, I highly recommend renting the DVD set. Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney were brilliant as was most of the cast. Read more at

This photograph caught my eye in the Charleston paper this morning..I think it's the hands
more than anything. My dad was in WWII and while he is no longer with us, he was true and loyal to his country and was so proud of his service. This made me think of him...

I've added another little section on my right sidebar. I finally have some time to check out other blogs and have discovered some great sites. The title of my new section is "Blogs I Like Almost As Much As My Own." I've decided a blog is a lot like a child. You love yours the best and other peoples just about as much but not quite as much. That's my logic anyhow. I'll be adding to it along and along....mostly those that have a "south" connection I imagine but we'll see what we can find out there. Seeing as how I'm reletaviely new to all of this I'm not certain of the protocol so if I like it, I'm going to add it.

Finally...if you don't watch the Lifetime series ARMY WIVES try to tune in this week. For those of us who live in the lowcountry it's cool to see familiar scenery as they shoot locally, but even so, it gives quite an insight into what military families go through right down to the children. I don't like that we're in this real life war right now...BUT I have so much respect for the dedication, strength and sacrifice that our soldiers and their families make each and every single day. I could never be so brave. If you don't already do it anyhow, say a special prayer for a soldier and his or her family today.

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