Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Day Out

I'm telling you...working these four ten-hour-ish days is wearing me out. I've been tired and my attitude has been teeter-tottering on NOT wanting to be so gracious, so I decided to take a sick day was critical to my mental health. It's kind of funny, I frequently work long days...somehow it's different when I make the choice as opposed to it being a mandate. The Friday off each week is really nice, but I still don't FEEL really nice Monday through Thursday. I know...I'm pathetic...

Legare is home for the last time before he moves into his new apartment so we larked out early this morning. We needed to pick up his new suit that we'd left for alterations a couple of weeks ago and see about some other things. If you live near a Lacoste store, run run as fast as you can. They are running an unheard of promotion. Almost everything is on sale and THEN another 25% off. Legare got two shirts and we picked up another two for Hank. Looks like you can get the same deals online also.

Lorelai's birthday is Sunday and she's invited friends from school to come for the weekend...lots to do to prepare for her weekend of JUBILEE! Lawsamercy it was HOT out there today...the humidity was off the charts. I'll have a birthday post in the next day or two and then LOTS of pictures and stories from the weekend, I have no doubt.

Time to rustle up some supper...


  1. Everyone needs a "mental health" day occasionally. Lord knows I could use a mental health week right about now, if not a month! Have fun celebrating with Lorelai and her friends! Happy weekend to you. Kathy

  2. Hope your day off gave you some much needed rest! Only one more day and then the weekend is here!

  3. Girl, I am so there with you! Summer has been sooooooo busy! I like to be busy, but it's been a bit too much! So, I have definitely had my moments of not being nice. I think it happens to all of us.....

  4. We all NEED a mental health day every once in a while. Glad you took yours!!!

  5. We all need to take a mental health day once in a while! Oh, yes!!


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