Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Three Quotation Thursday--on a Wednesday!

"Be pretty if you can, be witty if you must, but be gracious if it kills you."
Elsie de Wolfe.

A bit of "gracious" can carry a person a long way...even if one is not so pretty or witty (now you KNOW I'm not talking about any of US. WE in the blogworld are gorgeous/handsome, witty as can be, and gracious beyond measure!). I remember attending an out-of-town engagement party for some friends many years ago where the hosts DEFINITELY thought themselves attractive and of superior intellect, but they were NOT gracious. Consequently, I'm ashamed to say that I didn't react well to the unfortunate circumstances and didn't present myself in the best light either. In the end, I was never able to truly forge a good strong friendship with the bride-to-be of our good buddy Scott. Some twelve years later, I'd like a do-over of that entire weekend. Moral of the story...there are no "be gracious if it kills you."


"I don't always know what I'm talking about but I know I'm right."
Muhommed Ali

This little gem has gotten me in trouble MORE than once. I'm USUALLY right, but not always, Remember that GRACIOUS is the operative word.


"If you're coming to see me tomorrow, bring me some money."
My Mother

Laws a mercy, mother is going through "a thing" since she moved into Green Grove...she thinks she doesn't have any money or is going to run out of money. I'm not sure which. Before you start taking up a collection, rest assured that she is not destitute. I'll run by the ATM (with her debit card, which she doesn't understand AT ALL) in the morning and grab some cash before I head over to visit. Then we're going to the shoe's hoping that pair #15 will be the charm.


  1. I love the first quote! There are so many people that I meet every day that do not even attempt to be gracious!

  2. Could it be that your mother is the person who taught my daughter, Allie, to utter those same words? She was told that with age comes wisdom, so this could make sense. Come to think of it, Allie is never happy with her footwear, and is always in search of a better pair of shoes. I wonder...

  3. I agree with your sentiment on the second quote and laughed out loud at the last one! Your mom is a firecracker!

  4. I love that first quote! And I agree, there are some times in my life where I wish I'd been more gracious! That's one to always try to remember!

  5. Around here, we joke (actually my hubby admits about himself) saying:
    "Never in doubt, ...often wrong!"

  6. Are you headed to Bob Ellis? Mimi went yesterday and got 4 pairs of the most beautiful shoes (on sale)! I wish I had been in Charleston favorite shoe store in the world - and a sale! I am a little embarassed to tell you, I still have a pair I purchased there when I was in the C of C (way long long ago).

  7. This is too wonderful Miss Belle, we love the quotes you selected, especially your mother's! Mine calls it the 'funny money machine'.

    And the graciousness? Awesome. It's similar to one of TP's Rules for Life: Kindness matters.

    Smiles to you,

  8. Pretty is as pretty does.
    Was that my mother or Steel Magnolias?

  9. Belle...your son might enjoy this one as well. We were involved in some intellectual property litigation several years ago and our attorney cracked us up with this gem..."When the law is on your side-pound the law.When the facts are on your side-pound the facts. When neither are on your side-pound the table!"

  10. Wonderful quotes!! I love the last one!! The darling things your mom says always bring a smile to my face!!

  11. These are great. I love the first one, great words to remember. The second one has gotten me into trouble also! But my favorite is the last. I can see the eye rolls from here. Good luck shoe shopping, hope that 15 is your lucky number. Kathy

  12. I loved your Mom's quote. I wish it were that easy.


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