Saturday, August 15, 2009

Here we go again...CLEMSON!

The tickets and parking passes have ARRIVED!!! Time to dust off the tailgating stuff and get ready to go!

And then there is THIS (photos below). I'm not sure that we ever truly got everything put away when Lorelai got home in May and here we go packing it all up again. I look forward to getting my pretty living room back again...

Finally...something for ME!!! Look at the cute skirt I just got for the first game! I also got Hank a pair of shorts like my skirt but I doubt he'll want to wear them at the same time. HORROR or horrors if anybody ever thought that his wife told him what he should wear!


  1. That skirt is ADORABLE! So cute! August is such a bittersweet month for me. My 4 years at Clemson were the best years of my single life. I remember each time I went up...rolling down the windows somewhere between Newberry and Clemson, breathing in that fresh wonderful air, arriving at Clemson full of anticipation for the upcoming year and all the wonderful things that may happen. Seeing old friends, meeting new ones. Just such a wonderful experience! :) I get goose bumps! :) I hope your daughter has a fantastic year ahead of her!!! Go Tigers!

    Amy in SC

  2. Love, love the skirt!! How did it run size wise? My daughter has one and seems to me she wore a size smaller in this skirt! Love Pennington & Bailes!! xoxo

  3. I just saw your blog and I think we are at the same place in life-our son just packed up and left today to head back to Clemson. Good luck to your daughter and cute skirt!

  4. That skirt is adorable! And I know exactly what you mean about having your living room turn into an extended dorm. Cait stayed in Denton this summer to take a few courses she wanted to take and couldn't fit into her fall schedule. So we didn't have to do the move out/move in shuffle this year. I thought I might miss it - NOT. Have a great weekend. Kathy

  5. Just tell Hank your blog followers need a photo of you dressed alike. After all, all husbands listen to the requests of Internet friends. At least that is what I tell Gary.

    Your living room looks better than what we have been living with for almost three months!!!

  6. whoo HOOOO! football season!!!

    cute skirt, belle! happy moving in!

  7. Hey, your living room looks just like my house. I never knew any one person could accumulate so much stuff. We finally just gave up when my daughter moved home in May and we left the boxes in my dining room and just did not use that room all summer. We ate in the breakfast room. LOL!!! We will be moving her back to college this Thursday, so I will be spending my weekend with her trying to get settled back into her apartment. It will be fun, but bittersweet. I hate to have her leave, after an amazing summer together this year. I will be sad. My nest will be empty again. Have a great day. Love your skirt!!! Love & blessings from NC!

  8. That is such a find- that skirt. My basement looks like your livingroom with all of the stuff my son is taking to college. I just want to sit down and cry because he is leaving for good. I hope I can make it!

  9. Drove through campus today to see all the kids moving back in. Love the skirt! Already trying to find some Clemson orange to wear when I leave the hospital since I should be discharged on Clemson/Florida St game day. My doctor thought I was a little on the crazy side when I had him schedule my C-section and one of the reasons I picked the date I did was because I could come home and watch the game!

  10. That skirt is sooo cute! We need to see a photo of you wearing it at the game!

  11. Love the skirt! I see we have the same *decorating style* these days. Nick is getting ready to head back to UNC.


  12. I remember those days... twenty years ago I was a freshman in college. Time flies. I love that skirt - but I need it with the Hokie Bird!

  13. 1-2-3-4, 1-2-3-4, T-I-G-E-RRRRRR-S FIGHT TIGERS! FIGHT TIGERS!
    We can't wait!!! We just got our tixs as well!!! Sam and Alex will be in the stadium watching and I will be tailgating...and eating heehee!!

    They will be near the band, North stands, Section K!!!!
    We are so excited! We decided on these tixs for Sam and Alex for Sam's grad present! I think they will be making some wonderful Father/Son memories!!

    I love the skirt! You will be fabulous for the first game!!

  14. If that skirt isn't the cutest Miss Belle, then we don't know what is. With the possible exception of Hank in his shorts of the same fabric. And yes, you must tell him his fans are clamoring for a shot of him in the shorts!

    As far as Mad Men goes the first episode was a little more cerebral than anticipated, but we both loved, despite my distress at Don's on the road activities. Harrumph. What did you think?

    Sending you a smile for the week to come!

  15. Cute skirt.
    Have fun tailgating.

  16. Your blog is fabulous! I love the skirt! I have the Palmetto Pennington and Bailes skirt in the mail, and can't wait to get it! I wasn't sure if I should go with a 0 or 2, because I too have heard they run a little big. I'm normally a 2.


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