Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Why I Blog...

Still Answering Your Questions...

georgie at Decisionally Challenged wants to know what made me decide to start a blog AND keep it up...what was my defining OR favorite blog post and why...

Both of our children were graduating in May of 2008...Legare from college and Lorelai from high school. Long about March, I started thinking about how in the world I was going to manage everything...the graduations were at the end of May...a mere 24 hours but 200+ miles apart. Then in August, we were going to have to move Legare to Chapel Hill, lock stock and barrel, and Lor to Clemson. I was feeling overwhelmed, but I didn't want to miss a minute of these milestones.

All of a sudden, the blog idea popped into my head. I like to write and I like to scrapbook, so I saw blogging as a good combination of the two...I'd journal the entire experience online. I'd have my memories and the kids would have a little insight into my heart (and my craziness)... plus our friends could see what was happening. Blogging is also wonderful therapy and I don't see myself quitting anytime soon. My husband Hank doesn't read the blog unless I show him something in particular, but both kids do. Legare is OK with me writing about him, and Lorelai LOVES it when I write about her. She takes after her mama...we like attention.

I don't blog much about my job other than to share an occasional funny story. I don't have many bad days but when one comes along, boy howdy, it is a DOOZIE. I would like to blog about some of those doozies, except for the fact that I like being employed MORE. Today, actually, was something of a doozie. I thought about starting a second "invitation only" blog so that I could do a little more venting and opining on certain subjects but shoot...I don't have enough time to write all I'd like to on this blog.

Oh defining or favorite blog post. I have to say, I still get a kick out of my Funerals in the South series. (here, here, and here) A defining post is a little harder...I think it's probably a post I did titled Challenges, as we were beginning the process of moving Mother and Ned this past Spring. I received the most comments ever and SO many good thoughts and prayers from my blogging friends. Hank and I were at our wits end around that time and I FELT those thoughts and prayers every single day as we were going through all of the hullabaloo. Blogging brought me a great deal of comfort during that, lots of folks are in love with Ned now. He doesn't know exactly what blogging is, but he likes it a lot when I tell him that my blog friends are asking about him. about you. Why do you blog?


  1. I find it so interesting to read other blogs and see what others are doing. It's so interesting to see other's lives.

    I orginally started my blog for my husband to read while he was in Iraq. It seemed like a good way for him to stay connected to my everyday life. It has changed a bit, he really couldn't read it that much, and I discovered so many bloggers. However, when he deploys again, I will continue to use it for a way for him to keep in touch.

  2. I started my blog as Cait was in the middle of her sophomore year of college. You know, the year they stop coming home every other weekend and really start spreading their wings. When she moved out, we started redecorating and renovating, which led me to RMS, which led me to Micasa and a wonderful group of ladies that I felt an IMMEDIATE connection to. Well, one thing led to another, one member convinced me to start a blog, and I soon discovered how much fun it is. And I have to tell you, your Funerals in the South series is my favorite too, it's what led me to your blog in the first place! But Challenges was probably the most touching. And I miss your updates on Little Miss Priss! Kathy

  3. My oldest daughter started blogging first. She was so excited about it, that she encouraged my youngest daughter to start a blog too. Then I had to get in on the action as well. I have been blogging since January of this year. I have met so many awesome ladies and have loved every minute of it!! I can't imagine my day without checking on my blogger friends. Between losing my job and having a camera that broke recently, I have not blogged as much lately as I would have liked, but things will settle down soon and I will get back into the groove, as they say! I love reading blogs to learn new things, whether it be craft related, decorating, cooking, quilting, etc. It is such an amazing way to connect with people and also to learn in the process. Love & blessings from NC!

  4. I love just peeking into what other are doing ~ decorating, raising children, DIY projects as well as finding and connecting with those that I would never meet.

    I've so enjoyed reading your blog and sharing a giggle with you.


  5. Thanks for answering my q's I am going to have to go read your funerals in the south series

    I am still not sure why I started a blog...I started on word press b/c some friends set up a lovely county section...I had no idea there were 'other' bloggers out there! that is NO joke lol

  6. My website, blog, and twitter account are all part of my etiquette business. It's all so much fun, as well!

  7. I fell in love with Ned and you during that challenging time.

    (sisterly love of course ;)


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