Sunday, September 27, 2009

Since you couldn't be at Raylrode Daze, Raylrode Daze is coming to you!

Mother won...since she couldn't get anywhere with me, she started calling Mrs. Vernelle over at Ned's house. Ned ended up sitting right by mother during the parade, and Mrs. Vernelle and Ned's housemate Dave met us at my aunt's house afterwards for lunch. The rain managed to hold off until the parade was ending and I enjoyed spending time with my cousins, who I don't get to see very often.

Next weekend is BIRTHDAY weekend. Mine on Friday and Ned's on Saturday. We'll be 48 and 41 respectively. On Saturday we'll go over to Ned's house and have a birthday party. He wants a white cake with his name written on it and a "bean bag game." I hope that means a Toss Across game, which I didn't even know they still made until I found one online. Just got to get that cake baked and we'll be in business.

Here's a slide show of our day. I wrote comments on some of the photos so you might want to move from slide to slide manually so that you don't miss ANY of the excitement.


  1. There is nothing better than a parade. We always have the Shriners, too! Crazy how they drive those little vehicles! haha . . . Looks like a good day! xoxo

  2. Oh I just love small town parades! This looks like so much fun. I (of course) immediately noticed the marching band - are they really the fighting Bees?? Well, I guess it's better than the fighting Hippos - yes that really is a mascot for one of the small towns here! Hope you had a great weekend. And next weekend should surely be fun. Kathy

  3. You gotta love small town parades. Our always have tractors, Shriners, mules, fire engines, clowns and this year- the trash truck. It is fun though and my son loves it that they throw candy.
    Frank's daughter IS beautiful and Ned looks so happy!

  4. He may also be talking about a cornhole game. I had never heard of it until about two years ago. At one time you could buy it at Target.

  5. Love the photos Miss Belle, and Ned's new shirt, you made us smile with your Mother's socks. :)

    And tomorrow I see my Aunt Mary Jane, there's a teeny coincidence. The parade looks like loads of fun, we like the girls from dance school, they looked cute.

    Hopefully this week is calmer at work,

  6. Oh I loved the slideshow. You made me spit out my cherry soda with the comment about your mama's white socks! You have no idea how much men wearing white socks drives me crazy! The ONLY way that's allowed is if they're wearing jeans and have on white tennis shoes. I had to set my brother-in-law straight real fast when he came to church, wearing white socks with black pants and black shoes, not too long after they were married.
    Our little town is having our annual Country Fest this weekend! I absolutely cannot wait! Have a wonderful week!

  7. Oh, that's one naughty mom!

    Glad you enjoyed the parade. Your monster truck is awesome. :)

    Happy (very early) Birthday!!!

    Hope that the 2 of you have a wonderful celebration.

    P.s. I love toss across!

  8. Looked like great fun... your comment that started with "Dude..." made me laugh out loud. Loved it.


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