Saturday, September 12, 2009

When Husbands Don't Feel Well...

Has anybody out there had to deal with a sick husband lately? Poor Hank...thankfully, he does NOT have H1N1, but he is terribly sick with some flu-like thing. Our family doctor gave him a couple of shots yesterday afternoon and a bag full of medicine. This is not good...not just because of the obvious, but also because he cannot STAND it when he just has to sit around. (Unlike ME, who loves to just sit around).

I've been to the store and we are stocked up on Puffs with lotion, cough drops, chai tea latte from the local coffee shop (the one I made at home this morning was "too spicy"), and a pot of chicken and dumplings is simmering on the stove. He was unhappy with the orange juice because "everybody knows that people with sore throats can't drink orange juice!" (Sorry dude...) I gave him a flying pill to try to get him to relax and now he's sitting outside reading "South of Broad." I'll get some comfort food in him after a little while and am NOT above encouraging another flying pill later this afternoon. Better yet...maybe I'll just take the flying pill myself!!!


  1. Hope your husband feels better soon. Not fun to be sick on the weekend. :( I need to pick up that book...I love Pat Conroy's books and I love his cookbook too.
    Enjoy the weekend as best you can!

  2. What a good wife you are.
    I watch hubby too when he is sick.
    Hope he feels better soon.

  3. Oh, you are too funny!! "...I'll take the flying pill myself!" lol!!

    My husband is the opposite. He gets sick once a year, goes into the bedroom and cannot be disturbed and 2 days later, comes out dressed in his suit for work! The big problem is...after he and the kids have been sick and nursed by me, I catch it and no one is there to care for ME!!

    Oh, now I need a flying pill!!


  4. Aw, I hope he feels better quickly.

  5. oh, I hope he feels better very soon!

  6. You are SO right! I know how it is though seriously...been there done that, plenty of times.
    I do hope Hank gets better soon. My daddy had the same crud last week and it's not pretty. Luckily, his didn't last but 3-4 days.
    Have a great day tomorrow!

  7. Sorry Hank isn't feeling well - I say YOU take the happy pill - he probably won't miss it AT ALL!

    Love the little clutch - may have to hop over there and check her out - although lately my shopping has been focused on lighting and harwood flooring and foyer tables and. . .well you get the drift!!

    Love the tail gate pics -

    Trying to get caught up with everyone - stopping in to say "Hi!"

  8. Yes, you are a better wife than I am when it comes to husbands being sick. Mine tends to be such a big baby, even when he has the slightest cold ;)
    Hope you husband feels better soon!
    * I LOVED South of Broad.

  9. Hope Hank feels better soon. For your sake and his! DH is a terrible patient, so I think I would be the one taking that flying pill. Hope your week gets better! Kathy

  10. Hope he feels better soon and will be keeping my fingers crossed that you don't get sick too!

  11. I hope he has a speedy recovery. It's not fun to be sick and it's even less fun to live with a sick one.

  12. I hope he has a speedy recovery. It's not fun to be sick and it's even less fun to live with a sick one.

  13. My wife is the biggest baby when she is sick. Thank God she doesn't get sick very often.


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