Thursday, July 1, 2010

Got to Love a Holiday Weekend

I've made some lovely new blog friends from over at WOW. Ain't life grand?

Moved into my new office suite today. Today was also my administrative assistant's first day and she is FABULOUS. Keeping me organized and on the straight and narrow is NOT for the faint of heart. She has her work cut out for her.

Lorelai returned from Florida and within two hours was sick as a dog. That child just goes and goes and goes until she slap wears herself out. After two days of sleeping and a good start on an antibiotic, she's feeling quite a bit better. SO much so that she's ready to pack up and go to the beach for the holiday weekend. I don't know about that...

Ned is coming to see us over the holiday weekend. The other boys are going away and the staff deserves a day off. It will be interesting...he is not at all wild about Precious, the dog OR Boo, the cat. He'll talk to himself all the way from Green Grove here...trying to convince himself that neither animal will bother him. What's so funny is that they WON'T bother him....never have, never will. It's nuts! We aren't telling mother that he's coming home with us....she'll work herself all up into a dither. I don't feel like dealing with a dither this weekend.

For those of us working four ten hour days this summer (or four twelve to fourteen hour days as the case may be) today is FRIDAY! YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY

It's shaping up to be a quiet holiday weekend here in the Land of Belle. What are YOU doing this weekend? You never know...I might show up....with Ned....and Mother. (I don't blame you. I wouldn't tell me either...)


  1. You are hilarious! Have a great weekend! And you do know that your mother is gonna find out that Ned spent the weekend with you. "We can never sneak and do anything behind mother's back". I always got caught anyway! ;-) xoxo

  2. One big family gathering this weekend for us. For the past 37 years, my dad's side of the family has gathered on the first Saturday in July. This date was chosen so it would be close to my grandparents' anniversary on July 1. They have been gone a long time now, but the Jones family still gathers the first Saturday in July for a big family reunion. That's always our 4th of July celebration, regardless of the date on the calendar. Come on and join us...there are so many you'd probably just fit right in somewhere!

  3. I absolutely love your sense of humor! Too bad you're not in my district ~ I really shouldn't wish upon you.

    We are off to a weekend long wedding in Newport, RI. Good thing I rested up while I was away in California ~ does relaxing in a vineyard count?

    Have a great weekend ~

  4. We are spending the day with my parents tomorrow and will watched the fireworks in my hometown. There is a festival in the city where we live all weekend so we will most likely check that out tonight or Sunday. Have a great weekend.

  5. I would always get sick during the summer when I was Lorelei's age. Would just go and go and get strep. Happened all the time.

    We are kidless until Sunday so party tomorrow with friends and then fireworks, Texas bbq, family and friends on Sunday. I love this holiday.

    Y'all have fun.

    And I would love for you and Ned to pop in. Your mom would make me nervous. Unless I could drink on the sly.

  6. Ned and I share the fear! In my case, Precious is anything but, and lives in my neighborhood. Let's just say that I often glare at her owner, who has a bit of trouble with the meaning of leash laws.

    Happy Fourth of July!

  7. Happy 4th of July! I can't wait to hear how your weekend turns out!

    Hope Lorelei is feeling better. My 21 year old does the exact same thing...goes and goes and then crashes and burns! She is just getting over Strep now and we told her just last week that she gets sick so often because she burns the candles at both ends! Had to explain what that one meant!

    Take care and talk with you soon!

  8. I'm laughing as I write this, and hope to hear how this story ends.

    We stay home with our dog and cats on this holiday because we live in the country where our neighbors celebrate by making as much really loud noise as possible.

    Happy Fourth.

  9. I hope that you have a nice long holiday and enjoy your 4th!

  10. You are so funny! Hope it was a good weekend. I am with Preppy 101 - did you get caught?


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