Saturday, July 24, 2010

Last Week in the Land of Belle

I spent two days in Columbia this week in the state Principal Induction workshop.  I learned some good things.  For general way of coping with life in the workplace when I am not feeling stressed is that of a lion.  When I experience stress in the workplace, I tend to become more of a fox. The third option was to be a Saint Bernard.  My personality type according to Myers-Briggs is ESTJ.  And apparently, side effects of being a principal include but are not limited to heart attacks, strokes, mental and physical exhaustion, and walking pneumonia. The guy who facilitated the whole thing was hilarious.  Oddly, and even though what I just wrote is likely coming across sarcastic, it was actually reasonably interesting.  Except for the side effects part...I found that troubling, as did a number of my fellow new principals. So much for being uplifting...let's move on.

Monday is Lorelai's 20th birthday. MY BABY IS 20!!!! Can't tell you what we have for her I'll have photos on Monday.  She left this afternoon for Clemson to move her things from the old apartment to the new one.  She talked three guy friends into going with her and clearly, she intends to be queen for the weekend while THEY move her things. Last I heard, she had Alex driving and she was in the back seat taking a nap. Bless you, Alex, Cody, and Roy...bless you!!

Hank and I are going to look at boats in the morning.  When we bought our last boat eight years ago, we had visions of taking weekend trips up and down the intracoastal.  Guess how many times we did that in seven years.  Yes indeed...a grand total of NEVER. Our trips were limited to trips out to Edisto, over to Dataw, and down to Hilton Head. So, we sold it last summer.  But we miss it. So...we're going to start looking but we are NOT buying.  Next spring perhaps.  With school starting before you know it and football season on the horizon (GO TIGERS!!!!) we won't be doing much boating in the immediate future. 

Whew...time for bed.  Nighty night....Hope you're weekend is fabulous.


  1. Yikes! With side effects like those you might want to rethink things. What kind of job has the side eccects of bliss, giddiness, calm heart and a general care free feeling do you suppose? When I was considering a career in medicine they told me it carried the highest rate of divorce, alcoholism, drug addiction and suicide. "Uhhhhh, I think I'm in the wrong class professor."
    By the way, I just love love love your blog for dumb boys, you have to continue it. Whenever you get the chance read the post on my blog titled "Dating My Daughter"....that's all I have to say about that subject.

  2. You have been busy! Aren't you lucky that you did not have to help move. Bless those young men! And I can't believe that your baby is going to be 20. My baby is 21. Where does the time get to? Speaking of which. School will be starting for you pretty soon, won't it? You mentioned football. I can't wait for football season to start. Have fun looking at boats. Enjoy your weekend. Love & blessings from NC!

  3. Busy week! I can certainly see you as a lion or a fox. A St. Bernard? Not so much. I work with them, and they drool - ALOT lol. And who gave our baby girl's permission to grow up? Just kidding, hope Lorelai has a wonderful birthday. And have fun looking at boats! Kat

  4. I feel "your" side affects could be mine!! I'm in banking...enough said!!

    When we're on HHI, in addition to eating there, we love to go to Harbour Town to look at all the boats that have come in and there are some HUGE ones!! Absoulutely beautiful, too!

    Maybe next year we'll see yours there too! :o)


  5. Good luck on the boat hunting! We had been "looking" for a boat for over three years, finally told husband to please just buy a seadoo for the kids to ride around on at the lake! At the rate we were going with the "looking" it would be YEARS before we bought something!

  6. Hmm.. that sounds alot like a personality grouping we did once: the choices were lion, otter, beaver and golden retriever. While cheesy, it does make it easy to remember! I've never forgotten that I am a "golden retriever," which happens to be my favorite dog.

    Now, on the side effects. Since you know that you will be dealing with stress on a daily basis, create you plans now! Bubble baths, yoga, massages, running, whatever works- be sure that you carve out *you* time ESPECIALLY at the beginning of the hectic school year. (I know, physican-heal thyself!)

  7. happy belated birthday to your tiny 20 YEAR OLD baby! wow, 20...I will blink my eye and my baby will be 20...yikes.

  8. My mother is ESTJ... knew I liked you!


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