Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lazy, Crazy, Hazy Days

Don't you love the feeling of being "caught up?" Hank and I were talking last night and lately, we both feel like we get up early, rush to work, stay late, come home, and collapse. The house is always clean (thank goodness for Daisy) and the yard is always cut (thank goodness for Hank) but we get behind on other things.

For instance (and of utmost importance), when I logged onto my Google Reader yesterday, it indicated that there were 1000+ unread posts. It took me two hours before the number went BELOW 1000+. I'm pleased to say that I'm caught up...a product of not so much as stepping one foot out of the door of the house yesterday. I read blogs (sorry for lack of comments...) and washed a mountain of sheets, bath towels, beach towels, and clothes.

It was a nice day, but I'm still feeling at loose ends just a bit. Today, I need to run to the Piggly Wiggly but honestly, I just don't feel like going anywhere. Wonder if I can cobble together something for supper without having to shop? Perhaps I should just go lie down and read. Yes...that sounds good. The Piggly Wiggly will still be there in a few hours.

So, it is decided. I'm going to attempt to forgo the crazy and hazy, opting instead for pure LAZY! By the way, if you don't have an Original Pawley's Island Rope Hammock, you really ought to be ordering yourself one! In our 27 years of marriage, we've never been without one...sometimes two!!


  1. Hello Belle: Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. Oh how I miss Piggly Wiggly!! It was my "go to" store when we lived in Charleston! Believe it or not, I saw one in Fond du Lac, Wisc. when I was visiting a friend there.

    Keep cool and enjoy that hammock!


  2. I just love those kind of days. Unfortunately with a preschooler and a toddler, they are few and far between. I am envious.

    Maybe I just need one of those hammocks!

  3. Hope you climbed in that hammock, opened a good book and sipped on some lemonade (and found enough fixins to not have to go to the Pig)


  4. So glad you took the lazy route! I have something to tell you. I'll email you. What email do you check regularly?? xoxo

  5. Sounds like a perfectly wonderful day!! Love those hammocks!

  6. Never had a hammock...but hubby has commented several times he would like one, especially to take when camping!

    Hope you enjoyed your "lazy" day!!


  7. Just how summer days are meant to be spent. I hope you have a great book to help with your hammock getaway.


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