Saturday, October 16, 2010

I've got nothing but random thoughts...

I was a wild woman on a mission this week.  Lots to get done at school and the superintendent is coming to our faculty meeting on Tuesday afternoon and is staying after to talk with me about my evaluation.  Yikes!

We didn't go up to Clemson this weekend but watched the game this afternoon on TV.  Thank goodness they finally got some momentum going and won the game against Maryland.  Next week is Florida State and no offense to my Seminole friends out there, but that war chant drives me nuts, although I suppose that's the point, isn't it?

Hank is making shrimp and grits for supper tonight...YUM.  I'm the luckiest girl in the world.  His bruised ribs are feeling quite a bit better and he's outside right now working away.  He's like a child...I have to yell for him to come inside when it starts getting dark.  (I've been working a little bit while he's not looking...shhhh, don't tell...). I think we might watch Crazy Heart with Jeff Bridges tonight.  Heard it was good.  Have you seen it?

Here's a good question...Have you started your Christmas shopping?  I'm usually on it by now but this year....WHEW!  Everybody might get money if I don't get organized soon.  As usual, Mother and Ned will be my biggest challenges.  I am; however, already planning Christmas Day.  I refuse...REFUSE, I leave my house on Christmas Day.  I'll cook for anybody who wants to come and it will be MARVELOUS but I'm not going ANYWHERE. 



  1. Have already made a few purchases. American Girl is retiring one of our dolls so we must load up while we can on her accessories!

    The game today was fantastic and I loved watching CJ on the sidelines. He is such a class act! Heard today that he is buying a home in Clemson for the off season!

  2. I have no doubt that your evaluation will be sterling. Maybe that superintendent needs to watch out for his or her job :) And I haven't even begun to think about Christmas. I'm usually way ahead by now, but I think this year is going to be very catch as catch can. But I'm with you, I AM NOT leaving my house. Period. Amen. Kat

  3. I bought one gift so far and had it gift wrapped plus a few stocking stuffer type stuff.
    I plan to be done by first week of Dec. We shall see.

  4. Haven't thought about Christmas gifts, other than I hope my kids are expecting anything big because we're taking them all to Maui for Thanksgiving. For some reason they never think that a big trip works as a gift option and expect electronics and expensive clothing, too. So annoying. I had to laugh about the war chant thing...last year we played a high school team whose fight song was "Boomer Sooner" and by the middle of the game I was soooo annoyed (growing up in Nebraska, we really hate that song) and then realized that I was the only one who was bothered by it, since nobody else had any idea where it came from. And yes, I am so sad today. My Huskers got me all excited, just to pull the rug out from under me. Again.

  5. I've been [icking a few Christmas gifts up here and there, I do not want to be in the shops during December.

    Dinner sounds Yummy... HHL

  6. Half way done with Christmas gifts...whew, hopefully the rest will be fun too!

  7. Christmas gifts? I'm making them for others, but haven't even started a mental list for giving. I have a FIVE day weekend coming up at the end of this month, can't wait, will think about Christmas shopping then. Would love to see your readers come shop in the Basement!

  8. Yum...shrimp and grits, my favorite!

    Glad Hank is better.

    No, I haven't even thought of Christmas shopping. Bad me!


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  10. Whoa? Talking about your evaluation already? School's only been in session 2 months! Christmas shopping...I have a mental list for the boys, but haven't started yet. Gotta get on that, because I like to have all the toy shopping finished by Thanksgiving. As for everyone idea!

    And I'm an FSU fan, so we'll be pulling against against each other next weekend! :-)

  11. It's a little too early for me to think about Christmas shopping. I am a true procrastinator ....and I have to admit I have never tried shrimp and grits!! For some reason, it just does not sound appealing to me...and yet I'm told it is so good! Maybe someday!



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