Sunday, October 3, 2010's my birthday...

...or rather it WAS yesterday.  Today is Ned's birthday.  We're seven years and one day apart.

This was one of the best birthdays ever.  It was Clemson football homecoming and even though they played an AWFUL game, there was tailgating, dinner out, cake and much singing of Happy Birthday to ME!  Lorelai even pulled a fast one...she got an extra game ticket and Legare drove all the way from Chapel Hill to see me.

Poor's hard for him to keep a secret but he did a good job UNTIL we're sitting in traffic on our way to the game.  I looked over in the other lane and saw a familiar car...I said, "Gosh, that looks just like Legare's car."  Hank didn't say anything.  Then I said, "And you has a North Carolina license plate..."  Hank said, "Oh "*@(*&^%$*$#."  I felt kind of sorry for him...

Now I ask you...what were the chances that with 82,000 plus people headed to that game, we would be in the lane of traffic beside the big surprise?

Unfortunately, my camera battery was dead so I didn't get photos, but Lorelai did and as soon as she sends them to me I'll share.  It was a noon game so we had bagels with assorted cream cheeses, fresh fruit, donuts, and mimosas.  Yum!  When we visited with our friends at their tailgate after the game, I was greeted by my next door neighbor with a Clemson themed birthday cake.  It was a good day and I felt incredibly special.  I like feeling special.

We stopped by Ned's on our way home this afternoon and had another round of cake and singing. 

I usually do a giveaway around my birthday but this year, well, you know how busy things are at school.  It has been almost two weeks since I posted.  I'm a bad blogger.

BUT...forgive me this time and humor me (for my birthday present from the blog world) with a De-Lurker day.  Let me know you're out there and haven't forgotten about me.  It's the least you can do for a OLD woman like me!!


  1. Happy, happy birthday to you!
    A clemson win would have been a good gift! Oh well!
    Husband took daughter and a friend, while I played warden here at home with teenage son! :(

  2. Happy Belated Birthday!!!

    It took us over two hours to get to the game yesterday and we only live 17 miles from the stadium! Craziness!

  3. Happy Birthday! I'm always here, even if I don't say anything:). And my birthday was Thursday, so we are Libras together...

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Glad you had a wonderful weekend celebrating. And I know you loved having your son visit for the game. Can't believe that you all were beside each other in the car. Amazing!! Your birthday is on the 7 year anniversary of my cancer surgery, so we were both celebrating this weekend. Glad you were able to post today. We have missed you in blogland. Have a wonderful week. Love & blessings from NC!

  5. Happy, happy birthday...yesterday!You are the 3rd blog friend to have the same birthday!

  6. Happy Happy Birthday sweet friend!

    Gosh, now how amazing that in all that game traffic your surprise was right there!!!!

    So happy your birthday was a good one.


  7. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a great celebrations.Here's to many more!

  8. Happy birthday to both you and Ned!! Sounds like you had a great time!!

    Thought about you when I went to Harbor Town at HHI this past week...thinking about your "yacht" you'll have docked there next year!! :o)


  9. Well hey there. Happy Belated Birthday. I bet that was a nice surprise even if it was sort of given away early.
    Tell me how you pronounce your son's name again. I've never heard that name before, where did you come up with it?
    So now that you just turned 29, what are you gonna do?

  10. I certainly won't forget you since I have just discovered your blog. Happy birthday to you and Ned. I was in Tiger Town as well. Wasn't the weather wonderful?

  11. Happy Birthday darlin'!! So glad you had a great day. Talk about football Saturdays - did you hear about my beloved Vols?? Heartbreaker to the core. I think the players may move past it; me, not so much. :-) About the blogging - this job thing really interferes with my blog life. Have a great week. I'm off this week for fall break. Love ya!! xoxo

  12. Happy Birthday Dear! Hoping that it is a wonderful year.

  13. Happy Birthday Miss Belle! Sounds like you had a terrific birthday!

  14. Happy Birthday! What a nice day you had. :-)


  15. Happy birthday! You know me! I'm no lurker!

  16. Happy belated birthday dearest Belle! Sounds like the perfect weekend. And what are the odds that your surprise would be in the car next to you? Astronomical! Maybe you should have played the lottery :) Sorry about your Tigers, the Horns lost their biggest game of the year too. It was depressing, but we got to spend the weekend in Dallas with Cait so it was a good time regardless! Kat

  17. Happy belated birthday! Glad you had such a great birthday weekend!

  18. A belated "Happy, Happy Birthday" hug to you Miss Belle, you know we don't do too much lurking. :)

    The story about game day is incredible, what are the odds against that happening at that time on that road....?!?

    We are sending you a smile, so glad to see you enjoyed a special time with those you love.

  19. Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds like it was a great one!

    We're both October babies-my birthday was yesterday : )

  20. Happy Birthday, Belle! Hope it was a great one!

    I made the decision to go private on my blog, but I hope you'll want to continue to stay connected.

    Enjoy the weekend!

  21. Well happy belated birthday! Hope it was a good one.

    My hubby and I are born on the same day, same hospital, 11 hours apart. :)


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