Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fall Break

Yep...said I'd post on Monday and here it is Thursday.  At least give me some credit for blogging at 4:32 AM!

I was a SLUG on Saturday and most of Sunday.  It was glorious....absolutely positively glorious.  Lorelai caught up on some sleep and on Monday we shopped the day away.  We started out at our favorite store, Gwynn's of Mt. Pleasant, and stayed there for two and a half hours.  They treat Lor like a little princess at Gwynn's.  She tried on some gorgeous things and we brought most of them home with us. Here are several ensembles she will be sporting...

About the time we were dead on our feet, she connected with her pals Phillip and Alex and we all met for an early supper.  Those guys are two of her best buds.  Wish I could clone them to replace some of the dumb boys she keeps coming across. 

On a less happy note, Clemson played TERRIBLE football last Saturday against Boston College.  BC had lost five in a row until we came to town.  On another less happy note, the elections in SC did NOT go my way...hardly a one at the state level. 

Mother and Ned are fine.  There's been a little upheaval at Ned's house.  As I mentioned before, the latest resident to move in has some behaviors which are not compatible with the other three boys.  Apparently, there was some sort of altercation last week between the boy and the only male caregiver...the one who takes the boys fishing and to the gym.  The only male role model.  We don't know what happened and they won't tell us.  All we know is that he was let go.  I'm angry that we had to find this out from the parents of one of the other boys.  I feel that we should have been notified if something happened that warranted an employee being dismissed. Did the boy attack him?  Could Ned or the other boys be in danger??  Probably not, but when people won't tell me what's going on, I tend to start making things up. I understand privacy laws and all that, but still...

Any thoughts?


  1. Sounds like the perfect long weekend (other than the game). Lorelai got some adorable things - she is cute as a bug! So sorry to hear about the incident with Ned's caregiver. I, too, understand privacy laws, but they really should do something to allay your fears about the other resident! Elections here were disappointing to say the least. Unfortunately, the fear mongers won and we are once again stuck with a Governor who is more concerned with advancing his own personal agenda than running the State. I shudder to think of what our schools are going to be like by the time he decides to leave office. Kat

  2. Disappointed in the election results too! :(
    Sounds like a fun shopping day!
    Not defending what the employee may or may not have done, but wonder if it really wasn't anything too awfully bad, but just something that those in charge thought had to be handled and they went to the extreme? Trying to look on the positive side! :)

  3. I love all of Lorelai's outfits! She really is rockin' those boots! And the picture with her two best guys is absolutely adorable. :)

  4. Love Gwynns... True customer service!

  5. Love the outfits! Have you stopped in Tickled Orange on one of your trips to Clemson? Cute stuff that is great for game day. Crossing fingers that this game weekend has a much different turnout than the BC game! If you are there keep an eye out, the cutest little Tiger in the world will be making his debut on the field during half time festivities with the Hubby!!

  6. I want those outfits. All of them.


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