Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Football Weekends...Hamburger Helper...and ByPass Surgery

1.  Big crazy football game against NC State last Saturday.  Hank and I got thoroughly disgusted and left about one minute too early.  Just as we got out of the stadium we heard a loud roar.  A minute later as we walked into the parking lot we heard my favorite football song..."we will, we will ROCK YOU!"  Clemson won the game but I surely don't know how.  It was one blunder after another until the last few minutes. 

2.  One of the best events of the season...Military Appreciation Day at Clemson...happened at the game.  I cried about three times (and NOT because they played so badly).  Slideshow below...

2.  I'm eating Hamburger Helper for supper.  It's one of my guilty pleasures when nobody is home for supper but me.  DON'T JUDGE ME.  Judge Mother instead.  She wasn't that great a cook and when daddy was away, which was fairly often, she was prone to taking out a box of potatoes stroganoff.  The southern belle good cook gene passed her by. Nothing like reconstituted potatoes and powdered sauce to bring back warm fuzzy memories.  (Seriously...I really like the stuff...a lot...good thing I'm not on my own for supper very often.)

3.  Keep our friend Will (of Meg and Will "rowdy girls" fame) in your prayers.  Just as we were leaving Clemson on Saturday evening, the phone rang and it was Meg telling us that she had taken Will to the hospital with chest pains. He is scheduled for double (at least) bypass surgery on Thursday. We stopped by on our way through Columbia on Sunday and his spirits are good.  No more Hamburger Helper for him.

4.  Legare took the first part of the Bar Exam last Saturday.  How is it that my baby boy is about to graduate from law school?? 

So...onward we go.  Have a good week...


  1. I get hungry for HH every once in awhile, but sadly my 48 year old body responds to whatever preservative makes those potatoes last forever and I feel like I'm gonna explode from the inside out. My mom was a great cook, but we did indulge in the "pound of hamburger, macaroni and random can of soup" casserole quite often, so I get hungry for that when I'm all by myself. Nobody of the male persuasion in my house will touch pasta in any shape.

  2. Your slideshow brought tears to my eyes as well...especially the WWII vets. My sweet next door neighbor was at Omaha Beach, and once showed us his bronze star. They are a special generation.

  3. Glad your team won! And best of everything to your friend. Come see me and I'll fix you nothing but "box" meals. Promise. xoxo

  4. Hey, a win is a win! Loved the slideshow. The Veteran's Day salute was always my favorite concert of the year when Cait was in high school, so moving. They would always ask audience members to stand if they had family members in the branch of military whose song was being played. I'm proud to say that I got to stand for every one of them, even the Coast Guard :) And I promise not to tell anyone your HH secret. I'm a closet HH fiend myself lol. Will keep your friend in my prayers, it sounds like he has a great attitude and that is half the battle. Have a wonderful week! Kat

  5. Oh, I almost forgot. Keeping Legare in my prayers too, all the best on the Bar exam! K

  6. Can I just tell you something that I laugh at now? I almost didn't marry my husband because I saw him making Hamburger Helper and Spam before we were married. I swore I'd put an end to that when and if I ever agreed to marry him. We just celebrated our 18th anniversary and he has never made HH or Spam since. I taught him well early on. He is a good cook now.
    He also used to fry hot dogs in a skillet. Does anyone else find that odd?

  7. OMG, I love Hamburger Helper! I never eat it because it's so so bad for you, but I think about it longingly every once in a while. Maybe I'll give in one of these days, when I only have to cook for myself...

  8. Goodness Miss Belle, what a lot of things are going on. We send good thoughts and prayers on Legare's results!

    Those photos from the game are remarkable, thank you for sharing them.

    And I'm sending you a smile and a hug!


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