Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekend Update

I know, you're getting tired of reading "crazy week."  Let me assure you that I'm weary of writing it.  There WERE a few highlights that you might enjoy.

First...GO HEELS!  Watching UNC wipe up the court with Duke last night for the ACC regular season championship was a beautiful thing to behold.  Legare was THERE!  Is it a bad to be jealous of one's child? I watched every minute on TV while Hank snoozed in his chair. I am nothing short of astounded by the athleticism of all of the young men who played.

This morning, I drove to Green Grove to pick up my mother, Hank's mother and Ned to bring them to our house for lunch. It was pleasant enough, except that mother was an absolute chatterbox. She can wear a body out. She did surprise the heck out of us by sitting down at the piano, opening a hymnbook and playing several songs...not perfectly but not bad either. She can't remember the pieces she used to be able to play from memory but apparently the ability to read music has not left her. Hank took them back while I wrote a paper for one of my grad classes. He says she talked ALL the way back.

Ned is still not budging on the issue of getting a job so I decided to push him on the subject of helping with chores at the group home. The ladies there spoil the guys rotten. The jeans he had on today had a crease that was so sharp you'd cut your hand. When I told him he should tell them he wants to help with the laundry, he said, "Well, they said we could if we wanted to, but there ARE rules and regulations."

Yep, I want to live in a world where there are rules and regulations against doing laundry.  How about you?


  1. I love that your Mom can still read music. I've always said that music is the one thing that will stay with a person for their whole life, and your Mom just proved me right - I LOVE when that happens LOL. And the story about Ned made me smile. Although I do have rules against ironing in my house :) Kat

  2. Hopefully your Spring break is coming up soon so you'll get a break.

    Hope your weekend was good.


  3. Well, we certainly don't want Ned breaking any rules, so he better continue to let them wait on him hand and foot! ;-) And apparently one of the rules is a sharp crease in your jeans. :-)

    Is your Spring break soon? Mine is the 14-18 of March. Glad to see it quite frankly. These kids are wearing me out and I'm seeing little success thus far. Whew. I have new respect for the guidance counselors who are constantly prodding and pulling them along. I've gone on and on again.

    Have a great week!! XOXO

  4. First of all, was touched that your mother can still read music, and play the piano as well!! I think that is wonderful!

    I hate that Duke lost...sorry, I am a Duke fan....and lost they did!! Big time!

    Chuckled when I read about Ned! Bless him!!


  5. lol! I agree - rules? I don't wanna! hehe

    May there be enough peace and enough quiet to ease the nerves and that part of the day to only remember the sweetness of the rest!

    Have a great week!

  6. Crazy weeks must be the 'flavor of the year', having my share of 'em too. Hope this next week is a good one for everyone.

  7. I have had a "crazy year" so far. Must be the norm for everybody this year. LOL! I always love to hear your stories about your Mom and Ned. Ned's stories always make me smile! I know Legare was thrilled with the game last night. They showed Chapel Hill on the news last night and it was WILD, as you can imagine!!!!! I know you are looking forward to spring break soon. My college daughter is on a cruise this week and Mom is working. What is wrong with that picture? Hope your week is a little less crazy. Love & blessings from NC!

  8. Oh I have a sister that could give him a run for his money. She would have him doing her work! LOL.


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