Sunday, March 27, 2011

Thinking Back to the Good Old Days- Spring Break

Spring Break was over a whole week ago. Hank just left for a visit at Green Grove and I'm waiting on Lorelai to get back on the road to Clemson before I start working on a paper for one of my grad classes. 

Would you BELIEVE that I have been called to US District Court jury duty the day that I'm supposed to make my final presentation for one of the classes?  I pulled out every possible idea from my bag of tricks to get excused but they denied my request. Don't know how I'd feel about having hostile ME on the jury if I was counsel on either side. Not that I am opposed to serving on a jury...I think I'd make an excellent juror.  The timing is just bad...very very bad.

Hank and I really enjoyed our five days away for Spring Break and loved having a couple of days with Louis and Sue.  We took our new boat into Beaufort on Saturday for a walk around and lunch.  The water was smooth as glass...ON THE WAY IN!.  We got caught in the incoming tide with that crazy super moon on our way back home and got soaked to the skin. When I stood up for a moment to try to figure out a way to save my camera from the incoming water, I got knocked flat on my you know what.  There wasn't a dry thread on any of the four of us and I'll tell you...the being knocked around aside, getting soaked to the skin in my clothes always freaks me out just a little bit...even in the rain.  Wonder why?  A friend of mine who was in Vietnam has issues when he gets caught out in a rainstorm but I surely do not have that excuse.  I'm baffled.

Though you might enjoy a few photos...Have a happy week!


  1. Wow. That first photo is absolutely beautiful.

  2. Glad you had a great week! Love your photos! {We're almost finished this year} ;-). xoxo

  3. Such beautiful pics....and looked like the weather was perfect!! Today....well, it a "cool" 40+ Spring day in the Piedmont NC!! Can't believe it!!

    Glad y'all had an enjoyable time!


  4. Spring break....what's that? We still have 4 weeks until spring break, and I'll be spending the week taking students to a state conference/competition. As for the jury duty, I had it last week and actually got selected for a case. It wound up taking three days of my week, right when nine weeks grades were due. :(

  5. You and GREAT weather! Oir Spring Break is next week and it's frigid this week... What s up with that?

  6. Hi there, I was looking at your blog when I noticed the beautiful photo's, looking down I see Beaufort! Yay! I am from BFT! Love your blog. I am @ Isn't BFT the best? I am your newest follower. Have a great weeeknd.



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