Sunday, June 26, 2011

I've lost my mojo...

The blogger part of my brain is empty. Is my life SO boring that I cannot think of a clever nor entertaining post?  Apparently!

Hank's mother has behaved so badly at Green Grove that he is moving her back to her house.  That ain't helping my mojo, let me tell you.  She has severe small vessel disease, which is worse that having mini-strokes but she doesn't understand that. Hank has bent over backward to try to please her and make her happy. Me...not so much. You already know a lot about how I deal with my mother. She knows the rules and will actually tell people, "I've given up on being in charge...Belle is in charge. It's just easier to do things her way." VICTORY!  When she starts with the "poor pitiful me" stuff, I reply, "Stop complaining, you're fine...think about how blessed you are to be at Green Grove with Ned just across the street. Aren't you the luckiest person to be able to see him all the time."  And she does (stop complaining) because she has been reminded that she is blessed and fortunate and living in a wonderful place.

Several years ago, Hank said, "You handle your mother your way and I'll deal with mine in my way."  Since I agreed, I suppose I need to stop giving him's just so hard.  I KNOW that I'm right!!!

Hank's much nicer that I am and my opinion is that he gets taken advantage of.  Yes...his mother is crazy...LIKE A FOX. She needs less "oh you poor thing" and more tough love. On the occasion that he takes a more firm hand with her, she straightens up for awhile. Thinking that she has changed, Hank starts to slack off and the whole big vicious circle starts all over again.

 If I hadn't used tough love on Mother, no telling what would have happened.  One thing is for certain...She wouldn't be taking her medication like she should and Ned wouldn't be living large and finally enjoying the wonderful life that he deserves at "his house." I'm just a little worried that Mother might see this turn of events with Hank's mother as a way to harp on wanting to go back to her house.  I AM READY.  She can go...I'll find somebody to stay with her and it will certainly cost less each month; however, NED is NOT moving back to Hometown. He is one happy camper! She'll never leave him in a million years. It's called tough love folks....TOUGH love!

I know what you're thinking...for heaven's sake, Belle...stop complaining.  You're so blessed. And you would be right. Thanks for listening. Here's to the blogging mojo reappearing sometime soon.


  1. I was in a blogging funk for a couple months. I am slowly emerging from it. Hang in there and we will be watching for more post ;)

  2. It is hard when you get on overload and the creativity dries up, I know trust me!Hang in there girl!

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  3. No wonder your blogging mojo has gone! Tough situation(s), to put it mildly. Good luck!

  4. God bless you. My parents are dealing with my grandmother who just turned 101 this April. Thats all I'll say about that.

  5. I have taken a break from blogging . . . but still enjoy reading, so don't let me down ;-). Yours is one of my faves! xoxo

  6. We all go through those moments when the brain just will not function when it comes to blogging! Been there, done that! But keep on!! I so enjoy reading yours!!


  7. Oh Miss Belle, I'm sending you a hug, because I know it can be *very* difficult. (And also get the 'crazy like a fox' sentiment, very much so.)

    Sending you a smile as well as the hug, and some prayers too,

  8. Enjoy your posts so much. Yours and one other are the only blogs on my list that are not mindless. I don't think you're complaining but sharing your concerns with cyperspace friends. It's like an old-fashioned telephone call with your BFF. We love hearing about Ned and Mother, Hank's mother, and Hank and the grown children. it's entertaining and also human interest. Keep 'em coming. Writing about your everyday life on coastal South Carolina is enjoyable.

  9. I recently went through a similar 'blank blog' crisis which prompted me to post something on my blog called "Wait! The writer in me is waiting to get out!" a post that wasn't a post. Life just gets in the way sometimes eh? In my case, children, grandchildren, elderly mother - husband who has just been a little poorly and here I am prattling on again! It's been a while since I visited you here but I intend to come back again soon. Hope your Mojo comes back quickly :-) Debbie

  10. You're just venting and that's okay. That's what girlfriends are for, right?! BTW...I think your way is the best way.


  11. With all that you have going on, it's no wonder that you have lost a little of your blog mojo. It's not complaining, just venting and we all need it sometimes. This great big blog world is always sympathetic!

    Hang in there with everything. You, of all people, will certainly handle it and handle it well!



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