Monday, June 20, 2011

My Big Chill

The Big Chill is my favorite movie of all time. When we get together with our oldest friends down at the summerhouse, we always say we're headed out for a Big Chill weekend (without the issue of the dead friend...that would just be creepy).  This past weekend was one of our best, except that Meg couldn't be with us.  Hank, Will, Louis, Sue and I had a terrific time. I took a couple of days vacation for an extra long "chill." Sitting on the dock...meandering around in the shrimp, tomato pie, BBQ chicken...there is no greater way to relax than a Big Chill weekend. This morning, I'm enjoying my last vacation day, washing clothes, and planning to catch up on blog reading.

On Saturday morning, we larked out by water for Edisto Beach.  Most people call it Edisto Island but those of us who grew up in the area and spent time there as children call it Edisto Beach....or THE beach, like there is no other.  If we were in the market for a summerhouse change, Edisto would be my first choice. It's a special place with a lot of history...quiet...nice. 

I didn't take my camera but it occured to me that I've never put a self-made video on my blog before.  As you watch the 50 or so seconds below, it will be perfectly clear WHY!  I'm not much good at it, especially on a boat. for your viewing pleasure...riding around the beach...narrated by the voice of Belle.  Despite how it may appear, no drugs or alcohol were involved in this production!!


  1. This was fun...almost felt like I was there, between the water, the boat, the sound of the wind and your looked like a good time. And I too loved The Big Chill and love the idea of a Bill Chill weekend minus the departed friend:)

  2. Loved this {especially your laugh - made me giggle right along with you}! And I, too, love The Big Chill. XOXO

  3. We'll be at Edisto next month... Can. not. wait! I loved watching this... xo

  4. Glad to see that you are enjoying some R & R this summer-I know that I am!

  5. You know I love The Big Chill!!! ....just stopping by to check in on you and say "Hi"!


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