Sunday, July 15, 2012

Home Again, Home Again

Hank and I decided to come home a day early. We enjoyed ourselves tremendously but honestly, we aren't good at vacationing for a whole week. Sure, it sounds wonderful...but we're more "three or four night away" people. We missed our Tempurpedic mattress in an awfully big way.

Holden Beach was nice. We saw some beautiful houses...on par with Kiawah here in our neck of the woods. We'd not ever been to a North Carolina beach before. I don't think we'll go back took about four hours to get there. We can get in our car in our driveway here at home and be sitting on a beach in about an hour. We can be at our own summerhouse in Beaufort on the deep water in about 90 minutes. Still and all, a pleasant week AND we got to spend some downtime with our children. Legare had to work some but alas, that is the life of a first year associate. Working remotely while sitting by the ocean isn't the worst situation in the world, now is it?

A few photos for your viewing pleasure...



  1. I'm leaving for a vacation on Wednesday! I'm kind of anxious to see how long I can stay "relaxed"! I'm definitely more of a 3-4 night stay kind of girl as well!
    Still looks like y'all had fun!

  2. Ahhhh nothing like being on vacation! You all look soo relaxed and such a pretty place!

  3. Oh anything by the water would be heaven. This looks like such fun. Great pics. Hugs, Marty


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