Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I've mentioned before that I'm not an animal lover. Can't help it. Lots of little animals are cute. I like to look at pictures of them.

I blame Mother. Ned and I weren't allowed to have animals. Not sure why.

I didn't want to be like Mother in that regard. Hank always had pets and we wanted our children to have pets. Hence our 12 year old Precious, the Terrible. And Boo, the cat. Boo lives outside and keeps critters out of the yard. He's OK in my book. Before Precious and Boo there were Hampton, the bassett hound and Harry, the bassett/beagle. And Oreo, the cat. A few years ago Hank ran over Oreo in our driveway and killed him. Not on purpose. We just about had to send him to therapy.

Recently Lorelai found a little kitty cat by the side of the road and adopted her...this would be Sophie, the Wonderful.  Lorelai and Sophie came home today for a few days. Sophie has a case of roundworm. I have banished Sophie to the guesthouse bathroom until she's completed her three days of deworming.

At the moment, I have become Mother, the Coldhearted...version 2.0.
It's lonely at the top!


  1. I'm the same, although DOTR and I both agreed that we would have a pet free house. DOTR always told the kids "you know the thing about dogs?...they always die." Nice and heartwarming. Now J1 is on her own and has a beagle puppy that she brings here with her occasionally and dumps us with "dogsitting" while she's out running around with friends. I swore I would never have a pet in my house, but there she is, running around jumping up on my furniture. Pigs have flown and hell has frozen over.

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  3. Hello! Wifemomnurse julie here catching up on your latest. I have missed you :) take care! (I don't remember my password at the moment so I am anonymous :)


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