Friday, January 2, 2009

I Had a Plan

I had a plan for this final afternoon of vacation. It involved a sofa, television, and DVD of The Women.

There are four teenagers in my den watching my television and using my DVD player. They are sitting on my sofa. I am unhappy...

Additional remarks at 10:34 PM--I finally got my space back later in the afternoon and enjoyed about four hours of doing absolutely was glorious!


  1. Oh what a little giggle that causes - I so remember those days...wondering when I lost possession of parts of my house! :-)

  2. Sorry to be laughing, but I SO remember days like that. Just cook something that smells really delish and they'll probably decamp to the kitchen lol. Kathy

  3. LOL - I have bit my tongue for two weeks now with what I refer to as the human paper weight! My 21 year old step daughter's mom does not have internet, so she has come over every day for at least 5 hours to over take my favorite spot - the couch, to play world war craft online. Daily. For hours. And if you try to engage her in conversation - one word answers. She is here for the internet (well and the food, her mom has not stocked the refrigerator or cupboards and she did not take the hint to get a job) not to visit or spend real time with us.

    Oh, and I took your advice, I invited her to go to a couple shops with me.

    She laughed, then declined to go. Then laughed again.

    We did decide at least hubby gets to see her - visually and she is not spending money while online gaming.

    Whew, I feel better having vented that!

    Thank you for the opening!


  4. that stinks!! my plan is to hang out in the bed tonite! so far so good!

  5. At least you know where they are! I have done a lot of nothing in the past few days too. Coming down from the Holidays!

  6. Oh I hope you kicked them out for some "me" time!

  7. Hello Belle, when you are done relaxing stop by my blog and pick up an award! Kathy

  8. ♥ How very nice... I'm envious!!! The extent of "alone" time I get is when the kids are napping or if I stay up late when they're sleeping... :)

  9. I'm having one of those days right now! Five teenagers having band's very loud! Wondering why I agreed to this! LOL
    I'm so glad I found your blog. Can't wait to read back posts.....I consider myself a Southern Belle even though I have not physically lived in South Carolina since I was 13. My sisters and I will always consider ourselves Southern!
    Heading out for a little shopping where its a bit quieter!

  10. Aaaah yes, I'm feeling a tad crowed in our home these days as well. Truth be told, I wouldn't have it any other way. The only hard part I'm having with "the return" is the late nights. I realize they don't sleep while away at college but I'm rather fond of going to bed at 10pm and sleeping through the night without any front doors waking me up in the wee morning hours.


  11. I can relate! My Saturday afternoon plans usually involve the sofa, fireplace, coffee, and an old movie.

    I found you through Her Southern Charm and am now following your blog.


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