Sunday, June 28, 2009

Another Rowdy Girls Weekend...

Meg and Will couldn't join us but Sue and Louis didn't let us down. They met us at the summer house for the weekend and, as usual, we came back relaxed and renewed. Hank and I enjoyed our lunch at the Beaufort Inn (BI) so much a few weeks ago that we talked Sue and Louis into going over there this morning for brunch. DIVINE!! Just DIVINE! Lor had my camera and I tried to take photos with the camera phone but they didn't turn out well at all.

I did have a chance to talk with the chef, Christopher Hewitt. Do click on his name to read some more about him. The catering company that he and his wife own do lunches and the Sunday Brunch at the BI. He is QUITE accomplished. I'm so sad that the photos didn't turn out. I don't think I can remember everything on the buffet but here is a try...Sweet Potato Hash with Chicken, Lowcountry Eggs Benedict, Omelets (best I've ever had), Almond Brioche French Toast (again, best I've ever had), Roasted Vegetables in a Balsamic Glaze, Scalloped Sweet Potatoes, all sorts of pastries, fresh fruit, the best grits I've ever had IN my LIFE (and that's saying something), Prime Rib, an assortment of desserts to include chocolate cake, white chocolate pudding, red velvet cupcakes, and much more. Top all of that off with a mimosa and coffee and PRESTO...happy happy people in the Land of Belle.

Why the next few camera phone photos came out, I have not a clue. Anyhow...You might remember that we inherited one quarter of the summer house from Hank's dad and share it with two couples and one widow, all our parents ages. We don't always agree on decor, which is why I've never showed photos of the entire house. I'm trying to make a difference a little bit at a time. This trip, I took on the two large tables in the kitchen. Each table sits eight people and the setting was the blue gingham cloth with the plastic place mats in the photo left.

I replaced said plastic place mats with the woven chargers and an arrangement of shells in a clear glass container in the middle with plain glass salt and pepper shakers. Better, YES???


  1. Please rename your blog to Driving Lisa Crazy with Thoughts of Good Food, or if that doesn't suit you, Makin' Lisa's Mouth Water, will be fine.

    Your table changes are pretty!

  2. That table setting is adorable!

  3. What a fun look ~ the woven chargers look much nicer!

    Love your last post. Why is it that our children always work harder for other people yet complain when we ~the parents that support them~ ask them to do the simpliest of tasks?


  4. The chargers are really pretty and I like the shells in the glass container. Simple, but beautiful!
    Your brunch menu sounds delightful!! Love & blessings from NC!

  5. Much better. Looks great.

  6. That looks great! So creative!

  7. You made me very hungry with this post!!

    And yes, chargers and seashells are much much better than the plastic seashell placemats. Good job.

  8. pretty. I like your subtle, yet lovely change.

    OK am i possibly going to fix the cravings that you have given me?! We have nothing close to that here in CA. That food sounds absolutely amazing. Just the word sweet potato made me drool!

    Glad you had wonderful R&R over the weekend.

  9. I really like the look of the new improved table!

  10. Well, I am starving to death after reading about all those delicious dishes. So happy you had a relaxing time.
    I love the new look of the table.
    Thanks for visiting and I can imagine how fabulous it was to see Yo-Yo Ma in concert.
    Hope you all have a safe 4th.

  11. Oh goodness, it is interesting to read about him, his food looks (and sounds) droolworthy. (Yes, so not Princess, I know.)

    The tables look *so* nice, I love that blue and the shells added the perfect touch.

    Enjoy Tuesday MIss Belle!

  12. Those woven chargers are much better!!!

  13. I love woven chargers... mine are starting to warp, so I need some new ones..

  14. Please share if you will wherever did you find these woven chargers? Love them,


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