Sunday, May 16, 2010

I Know...I'm On a Roll This Weekend

I just could NOT bring work home with me this weekend. I've been missing my blog world SO much and I'm going to do better. It's amazing what a comfort blogging can be, isn't it? This situation where I only have time to blog or read blogs on the weekend is going to have to end soon. The "madness" has begun in our office with people still not sure about what they'll be doing next year and others getting word that their jobs have been eliminated. People are edgy and I feel SO bad for them. It could have been me. I NEED my blogs!

Thanks to those of you who started following the new blog, Life Lessons for Dumb Boys. We'll see how it goes. The girls are excited and REALLY, if any of you my dear friends or your daughters have stories/lessons to share I'll be more than happy to publish them. Just let me can send anything you'd like to my e-mail (

We got the nicest thank you note written on a beautifully monogrammed card in the mail yesterday and I just have to share it with you. What a lovely young southern belle this friend of Lorelai's is...

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Southern...
Thank you both so much for taking us to eat at Magnolias last week while we were at the beach. You were so generous to think of us as we celebrated the end of a successful school year. The food was delicious, and we thoroughly enjoyed our evening. I am so excited that Lorelai will be living with us at Clemson next year. Our week at Edisto was great fun, so I am sure that sharing the apartment will be too! Hope to see you all again soon.
Mary Elizabeth Bradford

Receiving such nice notes from young people these days is a rarity. Both of our children...yes, even dumb boy Legare...have a ready supply of personal stationery and I always encourage them to write more than the standard "Thank you so much for the white towels. I know I will get much use from them. Sincerely, Johnny" kind of notes. I don't know about you, but I kind of take the two line notes as insincere. Sort of a "my mama made me do it" kind of thing.

I'm NOT saying that my kids haven't written those kinds of notes (and I shudder at the thought) but I'm always trying to move them in the right direction.

Don't we have an obligation to our children to make sure they go out into the great big world knowing social graces?

What do you think?


  1. I just graduated college recently and like all good southern ladies my momma always taught me the importance of a hand-written note. I'm even sending them to potential employers that grant me an interview!

  2. I totally agree. Keep up the good fight (I'm right there with you). I talk about things like this at school and most of my students look at me like I have three heads. It's obviously not being stressed in many homes nowadays.

  3. Yes! We have that responsibility. I totally agree with you. I love receiving thank you notes. And when I don't receive one, it irks me, I'll have to admit. And how exciting to know your daughter will be living with such a sweetie next year! xoxo

  4. Sumter has to write AT LEAST four sentences. He is eleven...

  5. Hey girl! I am southern to the core and our son is 16 yrs. old and he writes thank you notes for money that he receives from my aunts etc. on his birthday. We are big on manners in our household. Could you tell me a little bit about SC? (Florence if you know) Of course we have been to SC many times but we might be transferred there after moving to Cincy for the last 6 months. I really miss the south too.

  6. I'm on my way to "Mitford". Come join me. And, I'm taking along Stuart Woods' latest Stone Barrington to read along the way! Such eclectic readers we are.


  7. Yes! I love receiving a well-written thank you note
    - one that speaks to something beyond the gift is great too. Just like the one you received. So nice.


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