Tuesday, May 4, 2010


1. So...my left ear has been giving me a fit. The Ear, Nose and Throat doctor (a cutie pie to be sure) has diagnosed me with TMJ and told me I need to "rest the jaw." My co-workers find this incredibly funny as they believe that the root cause is that I talk too much.

2. The soft foods part of the seven day treatment to see if the pain will ease off hasn't been so bad. I just ate chocolate peanut butter ice cream for supper.

3. I bought Ned an i-Pad. I'm trying it out to make sure it works OK before taking it to him. It might take awhile before I'm absolutely sure. OH who am I kidding. I just bought myself an i-Pad.


  1. Bless your heart ~ hope you get to feeling better soon!

  2. Let us know what you think of the i-Pad. I wear a night gaurd (mouth piece) for TMJ..works like a charm!

  3. Yep, Ned's not getting that one.
    Have fun!!!!

  4. You are just too funny!! Let me know how you like YOUR new i-Pad!! xoxo

  5. You are so funny!!! LOL!! But I can relate to the ear/jaw thing. My jaw becomes out of alignment and my chiropractor told me the muscles now in my jaw are too weak from years of this happening, meaning it will become more and moe out of alignment. Causes me to have major headaches!!


  6. i suspect that i have tmj as well. my jaw cracks when i eat and it hurts really badly sometimes! hang in there!

    lol to the i-pad!

  7. Oh no! This means TMJ is in my future. Ha.

    No. The i-pad is so yours.

  8. Do you have an iPhone, too? I'm wondering if it would be redundant since I already have the iPhone, but it hasn't stopped my from longing for one.

    Sorry about the TMJ. I have grinding issues and it's a pain. Literally.

  9. You lucky girl! I just got a IPod Touch and I wish I would have known that the IPad was coming out. I would have waited. Do you LOVE it?

  10. Yikes on the TMJ, but yum on the chocolate peanut butter ice cream.


  11. I adore people who talk too much. Gary always teases me that my favorite folks are the ones who fight me for getting in a word. Now, we just need ailments that spring from being quiet.

    I hope you feel better. Ice cream is good medicine.

  12. Sorry about your jaw...but, the icecream sounds delish...oh, I think my jaw is starting to ache ;)

    You are cracking me up with that i-pad. I hope Ned (oops, you) will enjoy it :)


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