Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Another reason why my brother Ned ROCKS!

In case you're a new reader who doesn't have a handle on my history.  Ned is my almost 42 year old brother who has Downs Syndrome.

So, a new young man has moved into the group home.  Ned and the other two boys who have lived there the longest get along marvelously.  Their family backgrounds are the same and they are all very gentle and well-mannered souls.

Enter Bob.  Bob who has QUITE a mouth on him and appears to be hyperactive.  My understanding is that his mother is a widow and was perhaps not equipped to handle him.  (Although, our daddy passed away when Ned was just thirteen and mother did just fine...) I kind of feel like Bob just says some things for shock value because he wants the attention.  Although, we're told that he'll sometimes refuse to do what the staff asks him to do. 

The big thing, though, is that Bob tries to bully the other guys.  I've heard troubling stories from the mothers of the other guys, but nobody has ever called us to say that Bob was bothering Ned, so I inquired the other day.  The house manager couldn't help smiling as she said, "Ned won't put up with that...anytime it looks like Bob might be going to start up, Ned says, 'Bob, I'm not talking to you when you act like this.' and turns around and walks away."

We were all assured that the personalities and behaviors of the guys chosen to live in the house would be compatible.  Having said that, Bob may stay, OR, Bob may go.  In the meantime...I think you'll agree with me when I say...



  1. How awesome!! Yay for your brother!! Yes, indeed, he rocks!!


  2. He does rock! It's too bad that more people don't use the same tactic - life for bullies and generally unpleasant people might get a lot less fun :) Kat

  3. That is awesome! Go Ned!!

    This is the same lesson we are trying to teach Bram. Ned needs to come share some of his techniques with us in Texas.

    LOVE Ned stories.

  4. Good for Ned!!! You must be very proud of him, now if the other roommates could follow his lead....

    Ned does indeed ROCK!!!!

  5. Your brother sure knows how to handle things. He does rock.

  6. Your brother sure knows how to handle things. He does rock.

  7. You know how much we adore Ned, this merely adds to that affection, because Ned does rock!

    Love it,

  8. To semi-quote "Dirty Dancing": Nobody puts Ned in the corner!!!


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