Monday, September 6, 2010

Football Season

I'd love to tell you that things have calmed down on the work front but they haven't. We just aren't even going to talk about it. We're going to talk about FUN!

Hank and I packed up late Friday afternoon and took off for a Clemson weekend that would bring visits with both of our children and, of course, the TIGERS! You may remember that I made every attempt early on in our football obsession to create the perfect tailgate experience. Ninety percent of the time, Hank and I enjoyed the experience alone because Lorelai wanted to be with her friends at parties closer to the stadium. We have a beautiful parking area, but it is on the edge of campus. She doesn't love hiking over there, especially now that she lives off campus. So, Hank and I now glom on to invitations we receive to tailgate with other people. It's easier anyhow...we just carry food and drink and don't bother with tables, chairs, and tent. I do miss planning my "perfect" experiences though.

To tell you the favorite time is when the team gets ready to run down the hill.  Gives me a chill every single time.

Legare and friends traveled to Atlanta for the UNC-LSU game.  If the Tar Heels had been able to dress out all of their players, I believe they'd have won the thing.  Clemson brought down North Texas (a school which none of us had every heard of) but the "green mean" put up a fight.  Our boys better hunker down before the game with Auburn in a couple of weeks.

Legare met us in Greenville for brunch on Sunday morning at High Cotton.  Crab Cakes Eggs Benedict to DIE FOR!  This was first time we've seen the boy since he accepted the offer of gainful employment post law school. 

I'm rested...ready to jump back into the thick of things.  After all, it's a short week and next week....MORE FOOTBALL!!!!!

What did you do for Labor Day weekend???


  1. Isn't football season wonderful? Sounds like y'all had a good time; and you needed the fun after the insanity lately!

    It's awesome that L kept his plans to go to Atlanta. Heard of so many who canceled after the suspensions were announced. It's a hot mess over in Chapel Hill these days.

    We think Mr. Wuf must have spent the summer with The Tiger and Cub. He was doing push-ups to the number of points NCSU had scored. Reminded us of our lovely experience at Death Valley a few years ago. Now, if we can only figure out how to spell...

    Happy Labor Day!

  2. You've never heard of the "Mean Green"? Just kidding, they are better known for their College of Music than their football program. Except for when Mean Joe Green played there :) It's also Cait's alma mater. I had no idea they were playing Clemson. Looks like you had a fun weekend. Hope you get to relax today. Kat

  3. Sounds like you guys had a great weekend. Loved all your football pictures. Such a beautiful area where the stadium is. All that orange is so amazing! Glad you were able to see both kids. Sorry that UNC got beat, but they sure put up a good fight. I was proud of them. Glad Clemson won. Hope things settle down at school for you. At least you will have a short week this week. Have a restful day. I just stayed at home over Labor Day and got some much needed stuff done at home. That always makes me feel better. Love & blessings from NC!

  4. I LOVE this time of year and tailgating is so much fun! Your photos are great...I am working today but just for 4 hrs

  5. We had a football filled weekend, although we opted out of the GT opener. Big night Friday as it was our first HS home game with a new coach (only the 5th in our +100yr old HS's history), new tradition of the "Blue Devil Walk" and Five Guys Burgers tailgate. J2 and bf went to Centennial Olympic Park for the tail end of ESPN Gameday, then over to GT for tailgate and first half, then back to the Dome to volunteer for the Kickoff Classic. Wow, awesome effort by the Tarheels...the QB is from Marietta (although not our HS) but we were rooting for a comeback. We will be at the Clemson-GT game....and the SC-UGA game....DOTR loves all college football, although he loves his Huskers best. Glad you had a weekend to relax--my BIL was a principal for years (he's a system supt. now) and the hours are basically 24/7.

  6. Loved the Clemson pics! We're still camping but it ends for me today. Hubby will stay over another day.

    Happy Labor Day!!

  7. Please ditch your family one weekend and come to Tennessee ;-)and watch the Vols run through the T! . . . and tailgate with my group. :-) My work is pretty crazy, too, but I know pales in comparison to what you have on your plate, darlin'. I'm sure you're doing a great job. Keep me posted.

  8. Ate out all weekend and watched TV football games. No kitchen duty and no sunburn! Love your pictures!!

  9. Looks like a perfect weekend for football.

    If we get to come to a Clemson game this year, I'll let you know so we can hook up.


  10. Oh, how I loved seeing these pictures. Such great fun!

  11. What great pictures! And what picture perfect weather for football in the Carolinas. Enjoy your FOUR DAY week.

  12. I went to a rehearsal dinner at High Cotton...oh it was delightful!

  13. Running down the hill gives me chills every time too...and sometimes makes me teary-eyed!
    You got some great photos!!
    GOOO Tigers!


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