Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What the future may hold...

While we were sitting on the beach late Saturday afternoon with Meg and Will, an elderly man and woman, in black bathing suits and straw hats, walked along the edge of the surf holding hands.  I leaned over to Hank and said, "Well, there we are in in about 30 years."  A minute later, another woman joined them and I added, "Look...there's Meg."  Will remarked, "Yep, you'll have to take care of her because I'll be dead by then..."  We all assured Will that we CERTAINLY did hope that he would NOT be dead by then. 

We got quiet for a bit as we continued to watch the trio and it seemed like I should be taking photos...don't know why exactly...it just did.  When they all three held hands and started to walk into the water...well...it was just the sweetest thing.  Hope you enjoy the photos...


  1. That is just precious.
    You need to do black and whites of these and put in a bathroom or something.

    Makes my heart happy!

  2. What a sweet moment! Makes me want to hold my grandparents hands.

  3. Interesting pictures. Love them!


  4. I sure hope thats what the future holds for all of us....Fun, friends, oceans, and chic hats!

  5. That was actually very touching! I'm a new follower of your blog. Love it!


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