Friday, February 11, 2011


  1. Poor little Lorelai has the flu. She got doctored on today but I'm going up to Clemson in the morning to give her some mommy care. You need your mommy when you have the flu, don't you think?
  2. Hank's mother likes Green Grove. She told Hank yesterday that she walked to the dining room for supper "with a man on each arm." OH my stars!!
  3. Valentine's Day is upon us and I haven't put up the first decoration or bought the first card. How did it get to be the middle of February??
  4. Less than three month's until Legare's graduation from law school.
  5. I feel old.
  6. Just a little more than three months until my first year as principal is over. I'm tired.
I haven't given you a student quote in awhile so here we go...

School the dance begins, the principal goes to the microphone and says, "We want you to have a good time tonight but bear this in must remember to dance with decorum."  From the floor a boy yells, "I want to dance with her first...where's Decorum?"

...and so it goes...


  1. Sorry Lorelai has the flu. Everyone needs their Mom when they are sick so you're sweet to go. Just don't get sick yourself, okay?

    "Where's Decorum?" LOL!!!!!!!!!


  2. You are a great mom! Hoping Lorelai gets well soon.


  3. Sorry to hear that Lorelai is sick. And of course she needs her Mommy! My car has auto-pilot between here and Dallas for just those occasions LOL. Love the quote "Where's Decorum" that is one clever kid. Kat

  4. I have found that age does not matter when it comes to a sick "child"...they still want their mommas to take care of them!! Hope Lorelai will be feeling better real soon! And you gotta love the "where's Decorum"?!!!!

  5. Flu... Yuck. Jackson is on his last day of Tamiflu. AND I think I have it now!

  6. Gotta love cheeky high school students!

    Sorry to hear that Lorelai is sick, and you are a good mom to go doctor her. I remember having a nasty bout of the flu in college and my mother drove up from Nashville to nurse me. It felt so good!

  7. Yes, you most definitely need your Mom when you have the flu...even if you're 33 and have children of your own.
    She's always the first call I make!


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