Saturday, May 14, 2011


Lorelai is on her way, hopefully, to Milan.  Her fight got cancelled yesterday.  Hank is going to have to be medicated by the time she gets back home in just less than a month. How quickly do nerve pills kick in? When Legare left four years ago for THREE months, we put him in a rental car to drive from Charleston to Atlanta and didn't give it a second thought.  There ARE; however, a couple of reasons that we should probably be a bit more concerned about our little tidbit Lorelai.

Primarily, is the fact that she got lost last weekend driving from Clemson to Chapel Hill. We called her Friday morning about 11:00 and she was still asleep.  After giving strict orders for her to get up and be on the road by 12:30, we drove merrily on up I-95.

About 2:00, she called to tell us how distressed she was to be in traffic in Atlanta.


Now tell many people typically drive through Georgia to get from Clemson, SC to Chapel Hilll, NC?  Approximately four and a half hours after she left Clemson, she was back where she started from and still had to drive on to Chapel Hill. Legare yelled at her over the phone and made her cry (I was not there yet or I would have spanked him), so she stopped along the way at a mall to make herself feel better. (She is definitely her mother's daughter.)

She finally made it to us just before 9 PM and by that time we were ALL exhausted from wondering where she might end up or that she was going to get sleepy. Thank goodness for traffic in Atlanta, she could have made it all the way to ALABAMA!!

This photo was taken just after she walked in the door at Legare's apartment where there was a Beach Music and BBQ graduation party going on.  Please ignore the bottle in her hand.  Legare felt sorry for her (and probably guilty) and handed to her as she walked in.  Hank's expression is priceless, don't you think? 

The guy standing beside her gave her a hug and said quietly, "I know exactly how you feel... I ended up in Tennessee once when I should have been in West Virginia." can see why Hank may require some tranqualizing until she returns from her grand tour!


  1. Oh my, Hank is going to need a refill on his Xanax. Does he have any Xanax? I take it when I fly.
    Lor will find her way, she might just see a little more of the world than she planned. As long as her phone charger isn't AWOL, (been there)phone isn't dead (also been there) and her car keys aren't in a Taco Bell trash can (been there too) she should be ok. I will give her a little mommy prayer, ok?

  2. This is hysterical! I can so sympathize with her. Before GPS, I had a box of notecards with directions to ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE I had ever gone. No sense of direction here either. Love her heart. I also usually check with my friends who are addicted to traveling to get the ins and outs of airports when I have to connect flights. I'm always telling my friends that I may end up on a milk carton if I get lost in NYC. :-) XOXO

  3. This is too funny! Our daughter is in her 2nd year in Chapel Hill and has no sense of direction either. She thought Wilmington was near Asheville! We got her a GPS this past Christmas for our peace of mind as well as hers!

  4. Oh. My! That really makes me laugh!
    Hope she has fun in Europe! Did she go with a group from Clemson? My neighbor's son left for Europe today and he goes to Clemson, thought maybe they were traveling in the same group.

  5. Oh dear!! I would have been one worried mama too! Maybe a GPS is in her future?

    Hope she has an awesome time in Europe! And yes, she'll be fine...prayer helps too!! :o)



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