Sunday, May 15, 2011

Safe Arrival and The Umstead

Lorelai has arrived safely in Milan.  Keep those prayers coming...

I thought I knew all the best places to stay up in the Chapel Hill area.  Last August, I decided it was not too early to make our reservations for Legare's graduation weekend. WRONG WRONG WRONG.  It was too late!! I'm now told that it would have been too late if I'd called the very day after graduation in May 2010. All my favorite places in Chapel Hill were booked solid and I was not very happy until Legare's friend Robert suggested The Umstead in Cary.

Oh my stars...we stayed at the Umstead for three nights and it was divine...only about 15 minutes from Legare's apartment. It's just a skip off of I-40 but you'd never know it once you arrive. Far superior to The Carolina Inn, which has its own specialy ambiance to be sure; however, the rooms need an update. Much nicer and more peaceful than The Sienna. More clubby than The Franklin. Every moment was a delight. The soft colors and ambient lighting were so very soothing...

On Saturday afternoon, we watched the Kentucky Derby in the bar before going out to dinner. I made (yes, I forced them) each person choose a horse and make a $10 bet. Then, since Hank was the only one with cash, he sweetly put the $50 in the pot. As things would go, not a single horse picked by our crowd won and Hank got to put his $50 back in his wallet. It was fun anyhow!

Ignore "story later" in the next photo...I told you the story...

The view from our and pool.  There was a wedding Saturday afternoon.

Lorelai will probably be upset about the photo above. It's revenge for her not moving quickly enough graduation morning and the two hours I've spent trying to straighten up her room and put her college things away. It will probably take two more hours before everything is in its proper place.

So...what did you think of the Umstead?  Life of a Southern Belle (and her family) HIGHLY recommend it if you find yourself up around the Research Triangle.


  1. HAHA I love the food photo. I have often woke up with my brother POKING me to see if I am alive!

  2. Hi new to your blog...very entertaining, had a lot of fun going through it....we are both on preppy princess's blogroll, thats how I found you! Am your newest follower.....have a great evening!

  3. Thank you for the recommendation! Lovely!! So proud of your kiddos! xoxo

  4. Looks like a wonderful place to stay. So glad you had such fun.

    Is Lorelai speaking to you now after posting the photo? LOL


  5. That looks like a wonderful place to stay! And I know you all had a great time at the graduation. Can't believe he is finished!!! Love & blessings from NC!


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