Monday, May 30, 2011

Random is the best I can do....

1.  We just got back from a wonderful weekend with our dear friends Sue and Louis in Jacksonville.  Today is Sue's 50th birthday.  Louis took Sue, their kids, Hank and me out to The Capital Grille for a delicious dinner on Saturday night.  Sunday we took an evening boat ride.  I wish I'd had a camera when we walked in their house on Saturday afternoon.  Louis kept our visit a secret and Sue was absolutely stunned.  Hank did have his iPhone at the ready when she opened her card from her family.  For years, she's wanted season's tickets to see her Florida Gator's play.  Those are HARD to come by but somehow, Louis managed to make magic happen.  Look at her face...priceless.

2.  Hank better get busy planning my party for October. 

3.  Graduation is tomorrow night.  In 24 hours, we'll be lining those seniors up and trying to keep them calm as we all prepare to process into the auditorium.  YIKES...I need to go pull my gown and M.ED. hood out of the closet and dust them off.

4.  Wednesday, June 1....DIET DAY.  I have been an absolute slug for exactly 17 months, ever since the night I was hired to be principal.  Three years ago I lost 30 pounds in prep for Lorelai's high school graduation and Legare's college graduation. Guess where those 30 pounds are now?  Yep...all 30 are showing back up on my scales. I'm not going to go overboard posting about my exercise and eating plan but I AM counting on blog friends to hold me accountable.  Does anybody else want to join me in my quest to get fit?  Just let me know and I'll feature your progress along with mine. We can share tips, trials, and tribulations.

5.  In the spirit of a "last hurrah"....well...I've been eating like a crazy woman this holiday weekend. Wednesday, I'll be going cold turkey.  Pray for poor Hank...

SO...what have you been up to?


  1. I've been in NYC visiting my first grandbaby! She is an angel and I am over the moon in love with her. Yes, Cloud 9, Tickled Pink, et al. :-) I have been going to Weight Watchers for a month. I had to do something. My cholesterol is high and the dr. is threatening the meds. Soooooo I'm trying to do the lifestyle change and see if that works. I have probably lost around 8 pounds maybe. It's coming off slowly, but maybe that's better. I did an amazing amount of walking in NYC. I must keep it up here, too. Oh well, I've rambled long enough. Good luck! XOXO

  2. I am on an eating and exercise plan, too...and am blogging it on a blog that is an extension of The Classic Preppy. It's
    Lost 10 pounds since May 1st, and feel great!

    Good luck with yours! I just came back from my cousin's graduation....700 plus seniors....and a nice trip to Lake Rabun (Georgia) to unwind afterwards. The meal at The Dillard House ( was a little "re-tox" after my detox, but I was pretty good! LOL

  3. Its good to hear your party planning. i wish I can also make up some plans like you for my upcoming parties.

  4. I saw "Southern Belle" and I just had to see your blog. I live in Natchez. What a great capture on your friend's face. What a nice present! My son's a gator!...Christine


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