Sunday, February 1, 2009

I was just trying to help...

Before I get going here...Please think happy thoughts for Legare...he has a summer job interview Monday morning at 9:00 sharp. It's tough for lots of folks out there and first year law students aren't catching any breaks either...lots of firms just aren't hiring this summer.

One day last week I had my cholesterol checked (it's DOWN!!!!) Since I didn't get my morning coffee and decided afterwards to have chai tea instead, I developed a humdinger of a headache that I just couldn't kick. I ended up going to bed before Lost and Damages (so you KNOW I really felt bad). The next morning Hank asked if I was feeling better and I indicated that I did, and felt like it was all about the caffeine. He laughed and laughed at me....a wicked sort of laugh. WHY, you ask, did he do that??? Well...

A year or so ago when Lorelai was still at home and we were running all over creation with her and her activities, days would go by and Hank and I would realize that we hadn't really had a meaningful conversation. I noticed, though, that work had him a little edgy and knew that his cholesterol was made an executive decision to cut back his caffeine. My understanding was that he had two or three cups of coffee every morning after he got to work and a diet coke later in the day. My reckoning was that if he had decaf at home in the morning at least he'd be cutting back a little.

Now...I didn't tell him that I had replaced his regular coffee with decaf. If I had, he would have declared up and down that it didn't taste good and blah blah blah. After the second day, he mentioned in passing that he had a headache. Another day or so passed and he didn't say anything so I figured things were OK. The fifth day, he informed me that he was going to the doctor because something was REALLY wrong. He was having excruciatingly painful headaches...not like sinus...something was WRONG!

My facial expressions quite often give me away. One look and he asked emphatically...WHAT DID YOU DO??? I had to confess...and come to find out that lately he hardly had time when he got to work to drink even one cup of coffee and had given up the diet coke entirely in an effort to drink more water. WHO KNEW!!!?? So, we made a pot of coffee right then and an hour later life was back to normal, or as normal as it gets around our house.

So...his evil laugh was directed at me and my pain. That wasn't very kind, was it? I was just trying to help!! As we ended our conversation this morning, Hank observed that the decaf incident was one of the more tricky things I'd tried to pull on him over the years.

My reply...Oh have NO idea...No idea whatsoever about the true nature of my bag of tricks. Actually, I think he probably does know...he just prefers to live in denial.


  1. LOL! I have been dealing with caffeine withdrawal ALL week. I finally decided to kick the habit. I stare longingly at that coffee pot, I tell you. I had like 5 sips of diet coke today...just couldn't hold back. It was HEAVEN. But alas, tomorrow I shall only have herbal tea.

    So girl, I feel your pain. LITERALLY!!! That story is great.

  2. Oh, I just had to chuckle!!
    That sounds like something that could have happened here! LOL

  3. Ah, that is so funny! {Decaf anything makes me sick, sick, sick. Terrible stomach ache, headache} Good Luck to Legare!

  4. Caffeine headaches are the WORST! I dont really drink much caffiene anyway, but I started on a mountain dew kick. Then I stopped. Cold Turkey. It was terrible!!

    But you were just trying to help!! :) haha

    And I love Chai from SB!

  5. love it, love it!!! you guys are too funny and yes, caffeine headaches can take up to 8 days to kick with round the clock prescription strength doses of Motrin. You would think it was crack. Ok, I am starting to sound like a nurse....oh, wait, I am.....hehehe. I hope you had a great weekend.

  6. Oh, that is so funny. A few years ago I decided to "help" my husband by increasing his fiber intake. I replaced his vitamins (which he never checks)with fiber pills. He thought he was dying, seriously dying, and I couldn't help him because I was laughing too hard.

  7. Oh, too funny! I don't drink coffee very often, but my hubby HAS to have his coffee or he just doesn't function, then he gets the headache! ☺ Diane

  8. Hi Belle-

    Please check out my blog because I have tagged you in a fun little picture swap. I hope you enjoy doing it and I look forward to seeing your picture. Have a great week!

  9. LOL...I have the same thing happen to me. I used to drink diet pepsi by the 6-packs (a day). Well the doctor said I was getting my kidney stones from carmel colored soda, so I should switch to clear ones. I did...and ones like diet 7-up and sprite don't have any caffeine...yikes, it took me about 2 weeks to get used to it, but the headaches were horrible! Glad hubby is feeling better tho! And you too!


  10. You are so funny! Good luck to your son!

  11. Caffeine withdrawal headaches are HORRIBLE!!! You were only trying to help!

    Remember - there used to be an old commercial of a wife switching out the decaf... & the husband never noticed... I guess you just proved that wrong!

  12. Thank goodness I have the will power to stay away from caffeine...with the exception of a few emergency caffeine drips every once in a while.

    Luck to Legare!!!!!

  13. LOL I've done stuff like that too.
    It is for their own good :-)

  14. LOL!That is good! Poor fella - but good wife - you every good intention in your corner!

    By the way, I tagged you today! :)

  15. Hi Belle
    Thanks for the note! I will add you to my blog list,yours looks like a winner!I am a Belle too!
    see ya

  16. All in name of LOVE ~ at least that's the excuse I would have used:)

    Best of luck to your son ~ tough times ahead I'm afraid for the those entering the work force.


  17. I hope Legare's interview went well.

    Your coffee post was timely, as I skipped my usual two cups this morning.

    I am glad to know that I am not the only wife who is "tricky".

  18. Oh Belle. You are just mean. Switching out a person's caffeine with out their knowledge.. Just mean.

  19. This is so funny! But I so understand, I've actually considered setting up an iv drip at work so I wouldn't have to keep running to the coffee pot lol. Maybe he should have told you that he was cutting down at work? Because you were only trying to help! Kathy
    PS - good luck to Legare, it's tough out there right now but I'm sure he'll wow them.

  20. That's funny (your trick part, not the headache!) because I have done the same trick, much earlier in our marriage. I got busted. I assumed if I mixed a little decaf w/ caff, it would slow my hubby down from talking 100 mph in the a.m. when I could barely focus. Then, I got caught. Now, I NEED THE CAFF as much as he does, so I don't mix it any more! Hope your headache's better, and your son's interview went well.


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